SFU Online Client Update 4.0.95

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SFU Online Client Update 4.0.95 Paul Franz 11/13/12 5:01 PM
1) Fixed issue with "Set Title Font"
2) Change the drawing of the boxes in the the new Definition tool to have a white background.
3) Add "Apply Variant" to the New Definition Tool
4) Add support for drawing the firing arc for the Next Gen SSD.
5) Change the "Show Both Base and Refits" to effect selection.
6) Add Align All. This can be used with #5 to align base and refits to match.
7) Add "In Sync" option that will keep the boxes that are in the same position in a different refit to move at the same time.

Re: [sfb-online-client] SFU Online Client Update 4.0.95 BaldnForty 11/14/12 6:40 AM
Hey there... Good to see some new additions to the client... I'll try to get onto Talk Shoe on Thursday night... I've been having trouble connecting with my I-phone and I'm not sure why.

I know, I've dropped out of the SFB community for the past 6 months... and I do feel guilty about it ...


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