RESULT: sci.archaeology.moderated moderated passes 481:44

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RESULT: sci.archaeology.moderated moderated passes 481:44 Warren Lavallee 4/11/96 12:00 AM
       moderated group sci.archaeology.moderated passes 481:44

There were 481 YES votes and 44 NO votes, for a total of 525 valid votes.
There were 3 abstains and 5 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
sci.archaeology.moderated        All aspects of archaeology. (Moderated)

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions about
this proposal should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Doug Weller <>
Mentor: Todd M. McComb <>
Votetaker: Warren Lavallee <warren@Syra.NET>

RATIONALE: sci.archaeology.moderated

This newsgroup would *not* replace any of the existing groups
(sci.archaeology, sci.archaeology.mesoamerican, and alt.archaeology).
It would meet a long-standing demand for a moderated newsgroup for
the discussion of archaeology without flames and without the postings
either based on speculation or of a non-scientific nature that have
put many people off in the past. It would still leave any and all
posters the forums that currently exist, so there can be no question
of denying anyone an outlet for their ideas.

CHARTER: sci.archaeology.moderated

Sci.archaeology.moderated is to be a moderated newsgroup dedicated to
the discussion of archaeology, the study of the past through its
material culture. All viewpoints and levels of knowledge are welcome,
subject to the moderation policy described below. Because archaeology
is such a broad subject and because lively debate on archaeological
issues is encouraged, this group is moderated by a panel of several
people and prospective articles are assigned randomly to any moderator
for approval.  Moderators will represent both professional and amateur
archaeologists.  This method will hopefully lead to the fastest
turn-around time and least intrusion possible.  It is hoped that
almost every poster's article will be approved as soon as is humanly
possible.  The text itself will either be accepted as is, or rejected
-- however if only a minor aspect of an article is inappropriate,
the moderator will usually suggest changes.

Moderation Policy:

Articles may be requests for information, announcements of relevance,
etc.  Lengthy quoting (more than 30 lines) of source material must be
accompanied by commentary or by other text which ties it to on-going
discussions.  Articles which quote substantially the same source
material repetitively will not be approved.  Articles consisting of
materials which are available on-line at ftp or WWW sites will not be
approved, rather pointers to sites may be given.  Moderators may waive
this rule at their discretion.

Articles which contain personal attacks of any sort, racist comments,
ad hominem arguments, etc. will not be approved for posting.

Disagreements are welcome (so long as they contain no flames), but if
a thread looks as though it's never going to be resolved, the
moderators reserve the right to terminate it/suspend it until new
evidence is produced.

Blank messages, test messages, MAKE.MONEY.FAST, binaries, uuencoded
messages, and so forth, will not be approved for posting.  Archaeology
related advertisements for courses, jobs, new book notices, etc. will
be accepted, but not advertisements for metal detectors or the sale of

While the principle purpose of a moderated archaeology group is
clearly the exchange of useful archaeological information and postings
generally should be scholarly and include verifiable citations of the
hard evidence which supports them, discussions of alternative
perspectives which meet these criteria are not prohibited.

Although posts which reference works in which a consistent pattern of
false and/or out of context claims have been demonstrated will not be
 appropriate for discussion in a moderated science group, alternatives
to presently accepted views, when well researched and presented in a
verifiable format, will not be denied a fair hearing.

Racist and Ethnocentric remarks will not be tolerated in postings to
the moderated group. Regardless of label the quideline shall simply be
whether ethnocentrism and racism are involved. For example: In the
case of assumptions like those once promulgated by
"Hyperdiffusionists", that cultural evolution cannot explain observed
phenomena because people X "obviously" could not have produced
artifact Y without help, ethnocentrism and racism are clearly present
and the post should be rejected.

Moderators may, at their discretion, change the Subject: lines for
threads which have strayed from the initial subject.

Cross-posting is discouraged and where they occur will obviously have
to be clearly archaeologically relevant. Due to the nature of Usenet,
rejected posts do not get crossposted.

Rejected articles which would be acceptable after editing will be
returned to the poster with an explanation and suggestions for change.
Articles rejected for other reasons may be shared with the other
moderators for group consideration if the poster wishes to appeal.

Any article that contains more than fifty percent quoted material (and
the author's signature shall not count as original material for
purposes of determining the proportion) may be trimmed or rejected at
the discretion of the moderator.  In exercising this discretion, the
moderator shall take readability considerations into account, such as
the amount of quoted material at the beginning of the message, and the
size of the blocks of quoted material.  If the entire length of the
article (excluding header and signature) is less than 24 lines of 80
characters, then the requirement of 50% original material _may_ be
waived at the moderator's discretion.

In keeping with Usenet netiquette conventions, signatures should be
restricted to 4 or 5 lines.  Moderators may, at their discretion, trim
.sigs to four lines before posting articles.

All articles should have an easily identified name and email address
for the poster.  Because of the variety of newsreaders, all submittals
should be signed with the sender's name and email address.  If this is
missing, moderators may add one at their discretion.


Anyone may volunteer to join the moderation panel with the consent of
a two-thirds supermajority of the current moderators. If the number of
moderators fall below 8, volunteers will be solicited by a posting to
the newsgroup.

An automatic script will be used to share postings among the
moderators. Moderators may at their discretion consult other
moderators about posts or send a post to another moderator with that
moderator's agreement.

It is important to have a clear policy to cover the possibility that
there is conflict in the affairs of the moderation panel itself.  It
is generally believed that moderators will come and go throughout the
course of the group, and in all cases the goal will be a consensus
amongst the panel regarding the addition of new moderators.  A
standard group decision process will be followed: a motion will be
made to add a new moderator, and if there are no objections it will go
ahead.  Friendly relations are certainly expected.

If there is an objection to a motion, and a group decision is not
reached by discussion, a vote can be carried out in accordance with
the statements below.  In any of the following cases, a secret ballot
may be requested -- and if a suitable (meaning: agreeably neutral)
volunteer on the panel to collect the ballots cannot be found, will be
carried out via point #5 below -- but voting will generally be public
(within the confines of the moderation panel itself).

1. If it comes to a vote, new moderators must be approved by a two-
thirds supermajority amongst the moderation panel.  Abstentions will
not affect the outcome of this vote, meaning that a supermajority
among voting moderators must be obtained.  In the case of only two
voting moderators who disagree, the prospective moderator will not be

2. Moderators who will be on vacation for more than a day or two are
expected to have their names removed from the active file for that
period.  This implies no permanent change in status, and they will be
simply returned to active duty afterward.

3. Moderators can be removed by a supermajority (as above) vote
amongst the moderation panel (including the moderator in question).
Abstentions will count as votes against removal.

4. If there is controversy amongst the moderators concerning the
application of these guidelines, the moderation panel agrees to submit
to binding arbitration by moderators-advice at UUNET.  This situation
covers true interpretive controversy, as well as such technical
scenarios as: only two moderators, one wanting to remove the other; so
many moderators on extended leave or genuinely unresponsive that the
active panel cannot remove them to get on with business, etc.

5. Any votes or motions may be called into question by moderators
returning from leaves of absence.

6. All prospective moderators must agree to abide by these guidelines
in their entirety before consideration for moderator status.  By
acting as a moderator, this point is implied, regardless of written
confirmation. Moderators will not be allowed to moderate their own


MODERATOR INFO: sci.archaeology.moderated

Moderator: Doug Weller <>
               Amateur, interest in Roman Britain
Moderator: Hope Anthony <>
               Amateur with a degree in Archaeoastronomy and
               interest in Mesopotamia
Moderator: Julian Barker <>
               Amateur, Egyptology, European Neolithic and Bronze Age and
              Ancient Middle Eastern Languages
Moderator: Kathy Bartsch <>
               Student, Arch-Student List Owner
Moderator: Philip Blair <>
               Amateur, interest in standing stones
Moderator: Ariane Burke <>
               Asst Prof. of anthropology subfield arch) with U. of Manitoba
Moderator: John Carr <>
               Professional, Americanist, a sysop on the Delphi Archaeology
               and History forum
Moderator: John A. Giacobbe <>
               Western Archaeological Services, Inc.
Moderator: Gerard Alan Latham <>
               Amateur, committee member with the
               Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society
Moderator: Vince Russett <100652.3047@CompuServe.COM>
               County Archaeologist for Avon, England
Moderator: Doug Rutherford <>
               Professional, area of specialization: Subarctic North America
Moderator: Nigel Strudwick <>
               Professional, Egyptology
Moderator: Adrian Tribe <>
               Professional Archaeological Conservator, English Heritage
Moderator: Steve Whittet <>
                Amateur, interest in CAD site details, Middle East

Article submission address: <>
Administrative contact address:    <>



This Call for Votes is being posted to the following newsgroups:

        sci.anthropology, sci.archaeology,
        alt.archaeology, soc.history,
        soc.history.moderated, soc.history.medieval

This Call for Votes is also being sent to the following mailing lists:

sci.archaeology.moderated Final Vote Ack

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hal...@VNET.IBM.COM                                              Steven Halter                                        P Hamilton Leggett                                               Darryl Hamson                                                      Marc Hardy                                                 Rich Green                                          Paul Hartman                                                  James Harvey                                                Haskia Hasson                                        Hugh Cayless                                          John P. Adams                                                Heinrich                                                  Henry Polard                                   Dennis Larder                               WB or CM Hilbrich                                          Mimi & JB Hiller                                             H. Lack                                         JOHN HOOPES                                          Howard Mansfield                                     Haddon Wright                                           ian lilley                               martin j coghlan iii                                             Ivan A Ghezzi                                              Peggy A. Stonnell                                           Johann Beda                                      John Wilcock
j....@trl.OZ.AU                                                    Jacques Guy
jab...@husc.HARVARD.EDU                                           John Abbott
jac...@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU                                    George M Jacobs                                           Judy Gerjuoy                                       John W. Arnn                                          Julian Back
jba...@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU                                     Jeffrey L Baker                          James B. Bandow                             Judith Cipriano                                                             JC                                                      Jim Wile                                        Jenny Wragge                                            Randell Jesup                                    Jonathan E. Feinstein                                              Jesse James                                             John F. Mansfield                                                    John M Ford
JH...@MAIL.NYSED.GOV                                                 John Hart                                                Jim Haug                                            Jim Hasbargen                                            Jennifer Kahn                                    J.W.A. Knikman                                  Jose Maria Bello Dieguez                         Joachim Rehmet                                                Joel Boaz                                           Joel Ehrlich                                            John Hodgkins                                               John Armstrong                                                   John  Taylor                                              Jon Bell                                       J. Porter Clark                                        Jill H Rappaport                                 James A. Schell                                                 Jim Treat                                        Julian Barker                                      Janine Von Furst                                       John Wagner                                        KB TIDSWELL                                        Thomas Kappeler                                          Karlene Leeper
kate@Kodak.COM                                              Kyle Barger                                           Kate Cleland                                          Richard Wilkinson                                          Ken Schoenberg                                                Kerry Ogata                                           K.E. Taylor                                       K.T. Greene                                            Stephen Killeffer                                              Kim DeVaughn                                          Russell A. Kirsch                                             Greg Klein
kloe...@grove.ufl.EDU                                            Kevin B. O'Brien                                                    Katie Boyle                                                     ljh1                                        Lachlan Cranswick                                             Larry Caldwell                                   Lars-Olof Eriksson                                        Marti Latta
lbr...@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM                                           lbrains                                                Lee Choquette
leic...@CRUSHER.EVMS.EDU                               Lawrence G. Leichtman                                        Roland Jehring                                                  Laura Fargas                                   Bjorn Holmer                                             Lonnie Pippin                               Tammy Barette                                            Lowell Blikre                                                Luc Tutenel                                   Genevieve Lucet                                        Mike Heyworth                                                    M.Levi                                                       MA Lloyd                                               Frank Mangione                                            Marc Line                                                  Prenom NOM                                             Mark Schurr                                         Rob Woodside                     Martin Skjöldebrand                                            Martin McCarthy
MATTH...@YMV5.YMP.GOV                                                  Matthew Roberts                    Alex Matulich 03T1 602-6691                                              Mark Bell                                                       Sherry                                              Michael Bucklin                                                 Marc Carter                                            Michael Johnson                                                      M. J. Dolan                                                        Mike Dunn                                       J. Scott Dorr                                               Mario Fabbri                                                     Markus Figel                                                  Mike Hatz                                            Dr M.H. Evans                                       Matthew Hill                                                   J. Maureen Hoof                              Miguel Angel Ruz Fernandez                                             Mike Yates                                       Martha Jackson                                           Mike Brown                                         Michael J. Ward                               Melita Kennedy [ESRI-Redlands]                                              Mary Kennedy                                            Marius  Loots                                        Antonia Montague                                                 JENN MORAN                                     MW and N Southwood                                       Christian Weisgerber                                    Nathan Keir Edel                                                             Dave                                                 Nigel Strudwick                                             Robert Newman                                          Nick Ingegneri                                       Nick Dunlavey                                         Nancy K. Porter                                             N.A.F. McNelly                                     Ollivier Robert                                             Dennis Clark
ost...@ucsub.Colorado.EDU                                        Kathy Bartsch                             Peter Metcalfe                                   P.Perkins -Phil Perkins                                               PS RUSH                                     Frank Packer                                             Walter Parrish                                       Patrick Livingood                                          Paul N Brown                                                Paxil Psycho                                            Philip Deitiker                                           Per Olofsson                                                Petter Ericson                                        James Petts                                                Patrick Hublou                                             Piotr Michalowski                                  Tracy L. Pitman                                                      pmichals                                           Paul Miles                                                 Peter May                                       Paul Takac
ptb...@owl.WPI.EDU                                                Pete Bastien                                              LYNDA GRANGER
R049%NEMO...@ACADEMIC.NEMOSTATE.EDU                          Tia Bivens                                                   Hal Rager                                            Ralf W. Stephan                                       Elin Rand Nielsen                                   Andrew Raphael
redm...@acf2.NYU.EDU                                             Sean Redmond                                                         redrick                                           Richard S. Ellis                                                 Phil Herring                            Richard G. Fleddermann                                           Roy V. Hughson                                             Richard H. Miller                                                Dave Rindos
rl...@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU                                  Richard B. Lane                                  Richard L. Grubb                                           Robert Mark                             Valerie Roberts
rocek@UDel.Edu                                                  Thomas R Rocek                                             Ron Doucette
ron...@ES.COM                                                    Ron Williams
ROSS...@CNSVAX.UWEC.EDU                                          Brent Rossow
rpa...@spot.Colorado.EDU                                        Robert Parson                                         Roy Stilling                                              Richard Spear                                 Richard Strathie                                                     Rule Nick                                           Jennifer Smith                                             Jeff Rust                                       Robert R. Wagner                                               Roger W. Brown                                                 Philip Rychel                                           Stella Nemeth                                          Stephen Joseph Ball                                    Shankar Bhattacharyya                                       Sean D. Dexter                                        Steve Dondero                                      Ed Engelman/Sue Atkinson                                     Andrew Selkirk                                             steve glines                                                  Prince
SHIC...@VM.TEMPLE.EDU                                             Shawn D. Hoffman                                      Sheilah Horman                                        Scott Huntley                                         Simon Watts                                       Simon Trafford                                       Sean V. Kelley~
smac...@polar.Bowdoin.EDU                                    Scott MacEachern                                             John M. Sorvari
srs...@HK.Super.NET                                             Stephen Selby                                                    Joe Bernstein                                              Steven Dye                                  Steve Lesnik                      Stewart Mac Intyre                                                     Stratton                                          Stu Labovitz                                          Richard Rothwell                                            Sander van Malssen                                   Susan Weller                                         Tasos Serghides                                         Rudolph J. Tatay                                                   Tony Basoglu                                           Clive Robert Orton                                                    Tim Church                                                 Adrian Tribe                                                    Ted Richards                                           John R. Tegtmeier                                               Tom Griffin                                 John Edmund Rupik                                      Simon Parsons                                              Theo Peeters                                               Tom Head                                                Bruce Tindall                                              Terrance Lewis                           Timothy J McNiven                                              Tom Bell                                      Tony Villareal                                         Tony Sanderson                                           Rodger Whitlock                                     Trevor Reynolds                                   Todd Trotter                               Terrance Simpson (ANT)
u920...@muss.CIS.McMaster.CA                                Steve Chrisomalis                                              Eileen Jamieson                                                   Vince Vielhaber                                                                Rau                                                   Karen Ward                                                  Bill Moore                                          David E. Wheeler                                           Rowland S. Whittet                                        Stephan Winkler                                                    Myrddin                                          Kent Paul Dolan
ycru...@YKnet.YK.CA                                           Doug Rutherford                                                     Mike Kuninobu                                       Patricia A. Swan

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                  Andrew Philip Fabbro                                     Al Fargnoli                                     Alan M. Dunsmuir                                    Richard M. Alderson III                                                Erik Altmann                                                 L P. Mangas                                            John Berry                                             Martin H. Booda
brunner@Think.COM                                                 Eric Brunner                                          Hank Walker                                   Anthony Dauer                                 Dominic Green                                                 Phares Woods                                            Douglas Schwartz                                                         Eric                                             Brandi N Foster                                                   Howard I. Cohen                                                Iraj Mughal                                                   Hasnain Khan
kna...@vkpmzd.kph.Uni-Mainz.DE                                  J%org Knappen                                               Lance Foster                                        LISA A. MITTEN                              Len Piotrowski                                      Mary Beth Williams                                                  Michael Oltz                                            Michael Loomis                                          Asim Mughal                                             Olav Nieuwejaar                                               Scott Oser                                   Patrick J. LoPresti                                             P. Creasy                                                     Dave Harman                                     Glen Patrick Ryan                                                  Dwight Brown                                       Thor Kottelin                                  TJASKIEW.US.ORACLE.COM                             Todd C. Lawson                                                    Tor Arntsen                                         Risto Widenius

------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                            Derek Smith                                                   Henrietta Thomas
mmt@RedBrick.COM                                          Maxime Taksar KC6ZPS

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