remington 700bdl accurizing, how 2?

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remington 700bdl accurizing, how 2? Kevin Wells 5/31/94 2:58 PM

This is my first attempt at posting I hope it works.
I have a remington 700 bdl .300 wby mag, I wish to
make it as accurate of a gun as feasibly possible
and would like some of the netters  opinions. I
have been hunting since I was seven and am as
knowledgeable about guns as I have needed to be,
and my father knows most of everything, but I
want to make sure that their is nothing that
I have missed out on in this arena.

thanks 2 all.


remington 700bdl accurizing, how 2? Bart Bobbitt 6/1/94 7:54 AM
Kevin Wells ( wrote:

: I have a remington 700 bdl .300 wby mag, I wish to

: make it as accurate of a gun as feasibly possible
: and would like some of the netters  opinions.

Here's some things that are feasibly possible.  What you choose to do
may be something else.

The first thing I would do is to replace the trigger with a custom
one, like a Jewell trigger.  That alone will make it much easier to
shoot accurately.

Second, something needs to be done to keep the receiver from twisting
in the stock.  As the .300 Wby. Mag. causes quite a bit of torque on
the barreled action while the bullet accelerates down the bore, the
factory recoil lug at the front does not provide enough resistance to
that torque to keep it in the same place from shot to shot.  It will shoot
loose in about 100 rounds to where accuracy is degraded.  The best
way to prevent the receiver from twisting loose is to either epoxy
bed the reciever and then glue the receiver into the bedding (you have
to modify the stock so the trigger can be removed out the bottom when
glueing in the receiver), or epoxy a square-bottomed aluminum sleeve on
the receiver and epoxy bed that sleeve into the stock.  Such is life with
heavy-recoiling rifles with round receivers.

Third, have the bolt locking lugs lapped to 100% full contact.  This will
reduce vertical shot stringing.  Then have the bolt face squared with the
chamber axis; this will reduce shot stringing on the target in all
directions.  Headspace may open up a couple thousandths of an inch, but
that should not be a problem.

Fourth, either relieve the bolt sleeve's inside front end or turn off a
bit from the cocking piece's front end; all of which ends up making the
firing pin tip protrude from the bolt face sixty-thousandths of an inch.
This ends up causing primers to detonate more uniformly thereby improving
accuracy a little bit.  During this process, replace the firing pin spring
with a Wolff 32-pound spring which will reduce lock time and further make
the primers detonate more uniformly reducing the muzzle velocity spread.

Fifth, relieve the stock's forend to completely free-float the barrel.

Sixth, solidly mount a fixed-power scope on it.

If I remember correctly, the barrel has a 1:12 twist for the 300 Wby. Mag.
round.  Considering the muzzle velocity it has, I would guess that 200-gr.
bullets, properly handloaded, will produce the best accuracy.


remington 700bdl accurizing, how 2? MARK529 6/1/94 10:42 AM
Ok,try this,I am going to assume you are not going to attempt this
yourself,contact a good ACCURACY gunsmith,such as those found in "precision
shooting" magazine.
   They more than likely will replace the stock,true the action,lap the locking
lugs and replace the barrel,they will also pillar bed the action into the stock,
You didn't say whether you wanted a hunting rifle or a target rifle,but either
way,if you want the most accurate rifle you can get,thats the way to go,by
accurate,I'm talking about .                or so at 100 yrds for 5 shot
group,is this what your looking for?
Hope this helps!