XOrduino and XO Stick interest list

Welcome to the XOrduino/XO Stick interest list!  This list is for logistical discussion relating to XOrduino/XO Stick distribution, as well as sharing development efforts and projects using the XOrduino/XO Stick for education.  See http://cananian.livejournal.com/66129.html and http://cananian.livejournal.com/66654.html for more information, and https://github.com/cscott/xostick and https://github.com/cscott/xorduino for sources.

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XOrduino / XO Stick kits C. Scott Ananian 5/22/14
Motor speed/distance sensing xorduino 8/22/12
Some video of the A1.5 boards xorduino 8/21/12
Parts List for XOArduino Steve Thomas 8/10/12