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Backward compatibility and new behavior of _before_ callbacks Anthony 9/24/17
Why are auto-validators disabled for the NullAdapter Anthony 9/18/17
What happened to /languages/default.py? Anthony 9/18/17
new pydal version Massimo Di Pierro 8/28/17
pycharm support Richard 8/11/17
web2py and python 3 Richard 8/10/17
Error on save_password function Angelo Compagnucci 8/8/17
Response.include_files changes the order of the included files Leonel Câmara 8/8/17
admin in web2py 2.15.3 can't stay logged in why? Richard 8/8/17
is_mobile Massimo Di Pierro 8/7/17
[web2py-devs] auth.update_membership() Richard 8/7/17
In the past DAL was accepting comma and replace by point before insert decimal result Richard 8/7/17
pickle.dump protocol level Richard 8/3/17
site down Massimo Di Pierro 7/19/17
web2py 2.15.1 ? Massimo Di Pierro 7/16/17
Update auth.user_groups after add_membership() or del_membership() operation Richard 7/7/17
new pydal Massimo Di Pierro 7/4/17
website off? Alexandre Andrade 5/18/17
Pull request for hidden field documentation Dave S 5/10/17
Is this a fix for the GAE MySQL problem? webm...@trytha.com 5/4/17
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