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web2py version number Niphlod 2/6/15
web2py as an Ubuntu Snappy Image Francisco Costa 2/5/15
dal issues when running from the repo Mariano Reingart 2/5/15
[pyDAL] v1.0 release Giovanni Barillari 2/4/15
git notes for dal in submodule Tim Richardson 2/2/15
http_referer Richard 1/29/15
pydal tests Paolo Valleri 1/29/15
ahhhhhh! Massimo Di Pierro 1/27/15
allow pyDAL from pypi on web2py? Giovanni Barillari 1/26/15
Issue 2037: SQLTABLE subbaram...@gmail.com 1/25/15
web2py upgrade to 2.9.12 broken Niphlod 1/23/15
the commit in the drop() mcm 1/23/15
reload routes from admin can fail mcm 1/22/15
BUG: Using csv module in a compute callback is silently ignored in appadmin.py Ray (a.k.a. Iceberg) 1/19/15
pydal migration Massimo Di Pierro 1/17/15
2.9.12 problem Massimo Di Pierro 1/16/15
import issue Paolo Valleri 1/15/15
grid bug with multiple selectable values only using ajax Manuele 1/13/15
exec_environment does not use models mcm 1/8/15
2.9.12 Massimo Di Pierro 1/8/15
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