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Weird problems generating menu from database americandewd 8/16/17
Communication error Artem 8/15/17
SQLFORM.grid search type error reduce() Paul Ellis 8/15/17
How to install NLTK? Fabiano Almeida 8/15/17
Current version: 2.15.3-stable+timestamp.2017. (LGPLv3 License) download link wrong. Halili Celik 8/15/17
Changes with Postgis API with 2.15.2 (st_as_geojson() not working anymore)?? wish...@gmail.com 8/15/17
2.15.3: automatic update crashes appadmin mweissen 8/15/17
custom filter in grid Carlos Cesar Caballero 8/15/17
Scheduler in systemd environment (running very long tasks) Zbigniew Pomianowski 8/15/17
python 3 web2py2.15.3 url lib has no get proxies Ben Lawrence 8/15/17
posibility to disable the mobile admin interface Oli 8/15/17
<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'> 'DAL' object has no attribute ""table_name"" Halili Celik 8/15/17
Please: A simple template for accessing the same db from web2py and standalone jim kaubisch 8/14/17
Change value of select Simona Chovancová 8/14/17
Styling the Sign Up Page Mark Billion 8/14/17
scheduler speed up task run Yebach 8/14/17
multiple form in 1 page using tab 黄祥 8/12/17
keyError : ‘fields’ Lazaro Aulan 8/12/17
AttributeError: 'SQLite' object has no attribute 'file_open' Jitun John 8/12/17
Problem with Grid Exporter since upgrade from 2.14.6 to 2.15.2 / 2.15.3 Simon Riek 8/12/17
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