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table name created as a string in db model is not reference-able as a DB object in the controller Michael Cowen 4/16/18
Requires web2py 2.15.5 or newer? Tarek Doha 4/16/18
Customizing Fields the lazy way Joe Barnhart 4/16/18
Problem with a virtual field, SQLFORM.grid and the fields parameter mweissen 4/16/18
MySql deprecation of NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER Joe Barnhart 4/15/18
SQLFORM.grid: represent a field with IS_IN_SET validator by its label instead of its value xelomac 4/15/18
How to retrieve info about sessions when they are stored in Redis? Lisandro 4/15/18
StackShare Louis Amon 4/15/18
auth decorator with rest api yogeshwar khalkar 4/15/18
PYTHON 3 LoveWeb2py 4/14/18
join and count() Annet 4/14/18
AttributeError: '_thread._local' object has no attribute '_pydal_connection_140103876850296_30686' Terrence Brannon 4/12/18
Re: Version 2.15.4 not sending auth mails Dave S 4/12/18
Newer haproxy sample config file Jim S 4/12/18
License expiry date management Prabhakar Shanmugam 4/12/18
Confused about web2py sessions handling in the filesystem, versus the db handling. AlighaThor 4/11/18
Strange behaviour between two grids and different Bootstrap versions greenpoise 4/11/18
Pass a query from form to another function Áureo Dias Neto 4/10/18
How could I create a validator to show the field based on the membership? greenpoise 4/10/18
SQLFORM widgets and drop-down filtering Dave S 4/9/18
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