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This site is for users of computational tools released by the Broad Institute's Viral Genomics Group to obtain feedback from other users on their use and to report bugs.

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Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع kareem M 5/16/16
ATHLATES producing empty *typing.txt output Andrew Oler 3/14/16
VPhaserII installation on Mac OSX 3/3/16
Issues with staticallly linked binary from GitHub viral-ngs repo Bede Constantinides 2/18/16
Problems using V-FAT for large DNA viruses That Guy 2/1/16
Update on the Broad Viral Group Daniel Park 2/1/16
VICUNA Compiling issue, NCBI Toolkit v12, 64bit Ubuntu 14.01 LTS Sean Brimer 1/29/16
VAnalysis crashes: Contig::create_profile p2 SC failed Curtis Hendrickson 11/28/15
Update hlall.fa or hla.clean.fasta Daniel Eriksson 11/1/15
VICUNA contigs Anoop TA 8/18/15
VPhaser2 FDR Question Richard Orton 8/18/15
V Phaser-2 Compilation Errors Kathryn Edenborough 7/17/15
V-Phaser-2 Error: can't open file /V4528_assembly.0.499.region Michael Panciera 7/17/15
Meaning of V-Phaser2 output, and conversion for V profiler problem RG 5/27/15
VICUNA analysis questions. Visualising variation? Gideon Mordecai 5/16/15
Vicuna, possible to release executables? Jacob Hurst 5/15/15
omp.h file not found Ruth Fahey 5/12/15
V-Phaser 2 p-value computation is unstable Irwin Jungreis 2/19/15
Vphaser2 error when running on bam file created by Stampy AA 1/22/15 mystery error 12/3/14
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