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This site is for users of computational tools released by the Broad Institute's Viral Genomics Group to obtain feedback from other users on their use and to report bugs.

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Segmentation fault when running ATHLATES Hang PHAN 4/22/14
rNum is too large Dino McMahon 4/17/14
Re: [Broad Viral Tool Users] Vicuna Contigs Xiao Yang 4/11/14
strand bias calculation 4/9/14
ATHLATES producing empty *typing.txt output Andrew Oler 4/3/14
RC454 error message: ERROR getQualAtPos, BAC1.R1.frag1-10006/1 208 >= 0 Hung-Ying Lin 3/29/14
AV454 how to assemble HIV envelope fastq reads? Peter Pham 3/11/14
AV454 run: error message "Mempool 1 is reclaiming 96210 leaked bytes ..." Peter Pham 3/10/14
Probleto download the RC454, V-phaser and V-profile Bianca Duarte 2/19/14
Vicuna build errors Richard Leggett 1/28/14
Vprofiler query Jyoti Sutar 1/23/14
Compile AV454 / ARACHNE error on MAC Peter Pham 1/9/14
Vparser: LowQual reads leading to false Positives RG 1/7/14
Al-Madinah International University amira salah 12/25/13
Ion Torrent data with RC454 Armand Bester 12/12/13
Vphaser2 output when using mixed populations RG 12/11/13
Vicuna, possible to release executables? Jacob Hurst 12/10/13
VICUNA help!!! Jyoti Sutar 12/5/13
Compilation problem with VPhaser-2-02112013 Ben Woodcroft 12/4/13
Meaning of V-Phaser2 output, and conversion for V profiler problem RG 11/27/13
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