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This is main forum for issues related to Village Telco and the Mesh Potato.  For more information consult the Village Telco website at or the wiki at  You can also send questions to

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Installing Librenms sylvester.chibamo 4/8/16
picostation sysupgrade Vusumzi Ndzengu 4/7/16
upgrading from secn 2 to 3 Vusumzi Ndzengu 4/3/16
How many Ethernet pairs Can I use for Power over Ethernet Manfred Takondwa Makawa 4/1/16
Mesh Potato to work with PSTN sylvester.chibamo 3/31/16
Re: MP2 Rachel tlg 3/9/16
Racheal elibrary Joe Bunefa 3/1/16
Asterisk in MP2 periodically throws a name lookup error ... Abdoulaye Siby 2/28/16
Having problem with the MP2's Asterisk DTMF detection Abdoulaye Siby 2/28/16
The is a typo in potato.sip.conf in the MP2 Abdoulaye Siby 2/28/16
Mesh with Bullet and PC as nodes Thalles Rigobello 2/25/16
Bandwidth restriction on MP2 sylvester.chibamo 2/16/16
Pls help me answer these questions from a businessman who wants to put mesh in his hotel rooms and offices. madako 2/14/16
Bullet M2 + B.A.T.M.A.N used for dynamic mesh of agricultural vehicles Thalles Rigobello 2/12/16
SSIDs Luis Portillo 2/7/16
MP2 on different Mesh: sylvester.chibamo 2/2/16
Pulse dialing into MP2 Amy Wilhelm 2/1/16
Re: Installation of SECN 3.0 GA2 on TP-Link routers. tlg 1/26/16
SECN_3 vs SECN_2 on MP01 vs MP02 Abdoulaye Siby 1/25/16
changing routing algorithm Vusumzi Ndzengu 1/22/16
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