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[sup-talk] New mailinglist - replacing the old: Gaute Hope 7/3/14
Sup mailinglists moved to: Gaute Hope 7/3/14
[sup-talk] Tuning Ruby's GC params for faster `sup` Aravind Narayanan 6/21/14
Tuning Ruby's GC params for faster `sup` Aravind Narayanan 6/12/14
[sup-talk] sup 0.18.0 released Gaute Hope 5/19/14
[sup-talk] Programmatically removing tags (:inbox) Alexander Klink 5/2/14
[sup-talk] more colors for you Gaute Hope 4/24/14
[sup-talk] Get text at current line in ThredViewMode Micah Duke 4/15/14
[sup-talk] old gitorious repo is now also marked as obsolete Gaute Hope 4/14/14
[sup-talk] release 0.17.0 Gaute Hope 4/11/14
[sup-talk] Solarized based theme for sup Laurent Jucquois 4/9/14
[sup-talk] Automatic watch of IMAP folder Matthieu Rakotojaona 4/3/14
[sup-talk] Getting GPG working in Sup James Pearson 4/2/14
[sup-talk] Recognizing new mails. Ico 3/23/14
[sup-talk] sup 0.16.0 released Gaute Hope 3/21/14
[sup-talk] wombat colorscheme Markus Klinik 3/10/14
example of multiple account config Andrew Codispoti 2/10/14
[sup-talk] sup 0.15.4 Gaute Hope 2/6/14
[sup-talk] gem i sup; cannot load such file -- curses Daniel 1/31/14
[sup-talk] release 0.15.3 Gaute Hope 1/27/14
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