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discard stride for random number generator Daniel Lee 6/18/15 vs Daniel Lee 6/18/15
WebAssembly as Stan target? Allen B. Riddell 6/18/15
Computational Statistics in Python (re: PyMC3, PyStan) Allen B. Riddell 6/18/15
Re: Advertising campaign for Stan Andrew Gelman 6/17/15
stackoverflow question monitoring? Allen B. Riddell 6/17/15
integration, optimization, implicit functions, DAE, etc. etc. Bob Carpenter 6/17/15
I'm glad we have so many damn tests, including the ones that test the output behavior Daniel Lee 6/17/15
v2.7.0: 8 issues to go Daniel Lee 6/17/15
Eigen preprocessor directives Ben Goodrich 6/15/15
plotting types Bob Carpenter 6/12/15
error msg rewrite for illegal/unknown functions/distributions Bob Carpenter 6/10/15
C++ namesapces: <cmath> is std:: <cmath>, <math.h> is :: Bob Carpenter 6/6/15
default priors page; allow anyone to edit wiki? Allen B. Riddell 6/5/15
Jenkins failures: looks like we're having trouble getting to github Daniel Lee 6/4/15
Stan 2.7 schedule Bob Carpenter 6/3/15
Next release: 2.7.0 Daniel Lee 6/3/15
proposal draft for RStan interface Bob Carpenter 6/3/15
feature request: elementwise matrix operations Seth Flaxman 5/27/15
Typos in manual Jonah 5/27/15
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