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Evaluating mean-field ADVI: 1. Some results Andrew Gelman 6/9/16
clutter on stan main page? Andrew Gelman 6/8/16
What exception do you throw when a derivative fails a sign restriction? Ben Goodrich 6/7/16
Problems implementing function of array and real Ben Goodrich 6/5/16
JAGS fits centered funnel just fine Bob Carpenter 6/5/16
warmup seems broken in develop Sebastian Weber 6/1/16
Re: [stan-users] Timeline on experimental use of GMO? Bob Carpenter 6/1/16
nested key:value in config? Krzysztof Sakrejda 5/31/16
common output Krzysztof Sakrejda 5/27/16
serialization format for MCMC & metadata format? Bob Carpenter 5/27/16
PyStan output Krzysztof Sakrejda 5/27/16
book with Stan chapter Ben Goodrich 5/27/16
finishing a covariance function implementation (for GPs) Seth Flaxman 5/26/16
Package rstan for distribution while CRAN catches up? Daniel Lee 5/26/16
example of what I meant on what to doc Bob Carpenter 5/19/16
what's up with GitHub permissions Bob Carpenter 5/19/16
Draft for Technical Introduction to Probability for Stan Michael Betancourt 5/14/16
_rng in transformed data block Krzysztof Sakrejda 5/13/16
cvodes reloaded Sebastian Weber 5/12/16
Unicode characters in variable names Jeffrey Arnold 5/11/16
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