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PyStan 2.7 is testing... Allen B. Riddell 7/20/15
MKL and Stan-math Sebastian Weber 7/20/15
Intel and Stan-math tests Sebastian Weber 7/18/15
rtools on windows Jiqiang Guo 7/17/15
Stan as a probabilistic programming language Dustin Tran 7/17/15
Stan turns 3 on August 30, 2015 Bob Carpenter 7/17/15
Re: how to tune ADVI Andrew Gelman 7/16/15
Re: CRAN packages maintained by you Joshua Pritikin 7/15/15
CmdStan 2.7.0 Daniel Lee 7/15/15
an example where glmer is much faster than Stan Andrew Gelman 7/14/15
EP and data partitioning Andrew Gelman 7/12/15
lp in Stan's variational interface Jiqiang Guo 7/12/15
segfault in rstan current develop Jiqiang Guo 7/11/15
Why all the PROTECT/UNPROTECT in rstan? Krzysztof Sakrejda 7/10/15
don't update stan just yet... Daniel Lee 7/10/15
Fwd: [cython-users] Re: C++11 & Cython & windows & python 2.7 Allen B. Riddell 7/9/15
Stan and Math have been tagged as 2.7.0 Daniel Lee 7/9/15
Instructions for cloning Stan with the math library as a submodule. Daniel Lee 7/9/15
Crazy number of notifications from GitHub Daniel Lee 7/6/15
Eigen::Maps Michael Betancourt 7/6/15
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