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lower truncations off by one Bob Carpenter 9/4/16
check_not_nan for Eigen matrix/vector types? Bob Carpenter 9/4/16
next Stan version: v2.12 Daniel Lee 9/3/16
doc tips Bob Carpenter 9/3/16
Error checking functions; logic in check_pos_definite(); origin of the domain_error() function signature Daniel Lee 9/2/16
Fwd: [stan-users] Piggypacking Stan's output format and tools Cole Monnahan 9/2/16
Re: [stan-dev/math] Create basic lower-triangular matrix type (#364) Bob Carpenter 9/2/16
docing the distribution testing framework Daniel Lee 9/1/16
classes for use in tests Krzysztof Sakrejda 8/30/16
Could Stan have a gradient-descent optimizer? Andrew Gelman 8/30/16
state of triangular views in Eigen Bob Carpenter 8/30/16
cling Ben Goodrich 8/29/16
Re: [stan-dev/math] Matrix exponential (#32) Bob Carpenter 8/29/16
Testing top-level services commands Krzysztof Sakrejda 8/28/16
last week / MKL Sebastian Weber 8/28/16
Consistency of | in CDFs? Michael Betancourt 8/28/16
how long do probability function tests take? Bob Carpenter 8/28/16
Re: [stan-dev/math] issue 150: raise exception for tau greater than or equal to y (#268) Bob Carpenter 8/28/16
doc how to use prob tests? Bob Carpenter 8/28/16
Fwd: transitions Andrew Gelman 8/27/16
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