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RStan and inits in ADVI Bob Carpenter 4/17/16
Scripting help. Daniel Lee 4/13/16
Help with Higher-Order Autodiff Includes Michael Betancourt 4/13/16
Stan ODE paper? Aki Vehtari 4/13/16
GP: squared exponential covariance function Daniel Lee 4/12/16
Feather (re: output format) Allen B. Riddell 4/12/16
CVODES pull request? Bob Carpenter 4/9/16
changes to algorithms Bob Carpenter 4/8/16
cvodes plans... Sebastian Weber 4/8/16
Vectorizing question rayleighlei.47 4/6/16
math.h vs. cmath Bob Carpenter 4/6/16
nested AD issues? issue 278 Sebastian Weber 4/6/16
precompilation and densities Bob Carpenter 4/6/16
ode tolerances / MCMC bias Sebastian Weber 4/6/16
A description of what's happening on Jenkins Daniel Lee 4/5/16
CmdStan output code... not making sense to me. Krzysztof Sakrejda 4/5/16
buffering output [was [stan-users] RStan multiple parallel instances ...] Bob Carpenter 4/5/16
Thanks... Sebastian Weber 4/5/16
Updating the wiki page about contributing Stan functions rayleighlei.47 4/5/16
ODE Examples for Testing Michael Betancourt 4/5/16
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