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CloudStan: wiki page Daniel Lee 7/1/16
Re: I added to the pedantic mode page Bob Carpenter 6/25/16
Re: [stan-users] mixed effect model: ADVI and Maximum Likelihood results are very different Bob Carpenter 6/24/16
Re: default plots Bob Carpenter 6/24/16
parser not building under C++11 Ben Goodrich 6/23/16
CmdStan v2.10.0 released! Daniel Lee 6/23/16
I started the Stan Parser Pedantic Mode page Andrew Gelman 6/22/16
output progress Krzysztof Sakrejda 6/22/16
How do you call NUTS classic? Ben Goodrich 6/22/16
CmdStan in Stan v2.10.0 questions (as used in Julia / Stan.jl) Rob J Goedman 6/21/16
Parser Pedantic Mode Wiki Michael Betancourt 6/21/16
Math v2.10.0 and Stan v2.10.0 tagged Daniel Lee 6/18/16
inline and linking Bob Carpenter 6/16/16
FYI: new git 2.9 feature, --shallow-submodules Allen B. Riddell 6/16/16
linking problem Ben Goodrich 6/15/16
Test cases for Python implementation of Loo Devin Etcitty 6/15/16
another cout? Ben Goodrich 6/14/16
make cpplint stopped working with Anaconda? Bob Carpenter 6/12/16
Eigen operations with double and var Ben Goodrich 6/10/16
Evaluating mean-field ADVI: 2. Data and code Andrew Gelman 6/9/16
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