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(re)designing OperandsAndPartials and VectorView Bob Carpenter 5/7/15
Re: Stan development Bob Carpenter 5/7/15
meeting link Daniel Lee 5/5/15
meeting time this week Daniel Lee 5/4/15
Merging namespaces Daniel Lee 5/4/15
Higher-Order Namespace Issues with Distributions Michael Betancourt 4/28/15
Yeti workshop and survey Daniel Lee 4/24/15
reminder for manual Andrew Gelman 4/23/15
Nans in R-hat for parameters that don't move Andrew Gelman 4/23/15
a few things variational Alp Kucukelbir 4/22/15
I won't be at the meeting on Tuesday Daniel Lee 4/21/15
something for Stan that would be very useful for EP Andrew Gelman 4/18/15
Re: [stan-users] blending Stan with interfaces Bob Carpenter 4/17/15
what Andrew wants for posterior fiddling Bob Carpenter 4/16/15
RStan vs. Stan (+ bonus on backward compatiblity) Bob Carpenter 4/15/15
could someone check my pull request? Bob Carpenter 4/14/15
Updated Automatic Differentiation API wiki page Daniel Lee 4/14/15
Stan's custom matrix multiply() slower than Eigen operator* Bob Carpenter 4/14/15
includes to get normal_log working? Bob Carpenter 4/13/15
bad error msg for logit Andrew Gelman 4/13/15
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