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numerical stability tips Alp Kucukelbir 8/11/15
Next version of Stan, Stan Math Library Daniel Lee 8/11/15
Bob, how was the R meetup last night? Daniel Lee 8/6/15
Contributors to files: no need to create a script Daniel Lee 8/4/15
flag for warmup? Ben Goodrich 8/3/15
coverage of test-unit Ben Goodrich 8/3/15
cloud-stan primer Devin Pastoor 8/3/15
Example models, visually Jonah 8/3/15
time-based refreshes Ben Goodrich 8/3/15
Using Non-Tagged Math Libraries Michael Betancourt 8/2/15
Re: [stan-users] Stan Shop update Bob Carpenter 8/1/15
web site still down? Bob Carpenter 7/29/15
Developer Info Michael Betancourt 7/29/15
arxiv: On the Use of Cauchy Prior Distributions for Bayesian Logistic Regression Aki Vehtari 7/28/15
data subsampling var context pointers Alp Kucukelbir 7/28/15
cholesky_decompose! robert.trangucci 7/27/15
anyone need funding sources listed? Bob Carpenter 7/27/15
Fwd: [stan-users] Re: Error trying to install rstan Ben Goodrich 7/27/15
Gibbs on funnel Bob Carpenter 7/25/15
Feedback on shinyStan + HMC diagnostics por favor Jonah 7/24/15
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