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random variables, ; and | notation Bob Carpenter 8/22/16
ODE Refactoring Sebastian Weber 8/22/16
Closing GitHub issues via pull requests Daniel Lee 8/22/16
Handling errors from Stan Daniel Lee 8/22/16
benchmark on matrix-matrix products? Sebastian Weber 8/22/16
Help updating rstan to the refractory branch Daniel Lee 8/21/16
Re: [stan-users] stan model that works with my data divided in 3, but not with the entire dataset Bob Carpenter 8/21/16
Suggested discourse to-dos riddell6 8/20/16
Why we can't replace all functions accepting Matrix with MatrixBase. Reproducible example inside. Daniel Lee 8/18/16
Discourse: email to start new topics Daniel Lee 8/18/16
distributions badly in need of testing then refactoring Bob Carpenter 8/18/16
Complex ODE Based Models wiki: suggestions Daniel Lee 8/18/16
bigger code changes Sebastian Weber 8/16/16
stan models as character strings Andrew Gelman 8/16/16
make clean-all not cleaning CVODES binaries Daniel Lee 8/16/16
integrate_ode_bdf, its test, or g++6 catch std::out_of_range broken Bob Carpenter 8/16/16
Re: Structured linear algebra etc Aki Vehtari 8/15/16
rtools 3.3 ?? Sebastian Weber 8/15/16
help with g++6 install on mac Bob Carpenter 8/13/16
try my fix for stan-dev/math log(int) on g++6? Bob Carpenter 8/13/16
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