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rpm package-bin trouble Reik Schatz 2/25/14
Macro source is always recompiled if it contains quasiquotes. Dmitry Grigoriev 2/19/14
[13.1] Conditionally disable fork in Test if running -jvm-debug ed eustace 2/12/14
Set javacOptions in task Paul R. 2/4/14
Test mode resources Phuong Nguyen 2/4/14
Dependency management issue after upgrading to 0.12.2-RC2 Drew 2/1/14
set alias in build.sbt Diego Medina 1/15/14
[2.2.1] Nested Initialize when creating resource generator alvaro 12/4/13
How to define task with name "update" in prefix 'dev' and without conflict with global scope? Timothy Klim 12/1/13
I deleted the .sbt directory in accident, How to make the sbt run again? Lu Sheng 11/29/13
use shared ivy cache on network drive? (v0.12.3, if that matters) Todd O'Bryan 11/26/13
ignore ssl certificate Lukas Rytz 11/21/13
[sbt-native-packager] Any good examples for using native packager Akhil Kodali 11/15/13
How to load configuration files for apps bundled using sbt-native-packager during runtime Akhil Kodali 11/7/13
Any way to configure IDEA 12 to run SBT compile when I press Ctrl+F9? Dmitry Grigoriev 10/31/13
SBT assembly : MergeStrategy error Ram 10/27/13
how to add google projects from to sbt Adrian VerticalScope 10/16/13
Potential unicode issue on Windows Lázaro Clapp 10/12/13
This does not work: (gwtCompile in ...) <<= (gwtCompile in ...).dependsOn(compile in Compile) Dmitry Grigoriev 10/11/13
[sbt-native-packager] configuration files Dawid Melewski 10/7/13
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