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Thurs 8/17 0630 BEX S2.5+ KFR Charles Duyk 8/17/17
OT: latest episode of "alex destroys allegedly robust cycling equipment" Alexandre Passos 8/17/17
Any interest in HEX this Friday? Yvonne Yip 8/16/17
Redwood City, Menlo Park, East Palo Alto rails to trails Bay Trail connection Hyper 8/16/17
OT: Calle24 and Ford GoBike djconnel 8/16/17
OT: "Father" and "Debt" painted on road - why? Madelaine D. Boyd 8/16/17
OT : old riding gear LB 8/15/17
Tues 8/15 6:30 KFR SEX s3 Alexandre Passos 8/15/17
tues 8/15 bex s2.75 kfr 630 Hyan 8/15/17
Tues 8/15 0600 PPR Skyline Style 1 Keith Whitwell 8/14/17
Tuesday EARLY SKYLine SF2 MV Chester GIllmore 8/14/17
Wed 8/16 0800 Portola Gate watershed way ammon 8/14/17
OT: tire recycling Peter Colijn 8/14/17
CALLING REALLY EARLY 8/15 HMBW Cafeto Rollout (but up for wherever) leave at 6:05 AM S2.1 James Hsu 8/14/17
OT: FS H+ Son Archetype rim 32H black Max Nachury 8/12/17
OT: Pancake day tomorrow (Sun 8/13) at West Point Inn Justin! 8/12/17
Partycar 277 Alexandre Passos 8/11/17
OT: cyclist injured in bernal heights crash Devon 8/11/17
OT: Saturday AM road/dirt kurt wallace 8/11/17
OT: road recommendations south of Portland R Samuel Klatchko 8/11/17
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