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looking for a squirt of contact cleaner + old radio repair question Sacha De'Angeli 3:10 AM
Also heard about this: LiFi, like WiFi but uses LED light to transmit data... Ken Runner 8/31/15
Mediated Matter works with MIT to develop 3D glass printer Ken Runner 8/31/15
Saturday at 10Bit Don Smeller 8/30/15
Open sunday tookys3 8/30/15
Game Programming Help Ray Good 8/30/15
New CAD software, free Don Smeller 8/29/15
How many of you are... John Frazee 8/28/15
Auction today jamcclenny 8/27/15
Wednesday at 10Bit Don Smeller 8/27/15
Assistance with project Joshua Snyder 8/27/15
Fwd: mayor ivy r taylor san antonio.gov: To stop all development next to the Missions and deny rezoning of any multifamily housing within the Mission San Jose Neighborhood area and other areas around Mission Concepcion, Mission San Juan and Mission Espada. Don Smeller 8/27/15
Now open for Wednesday! zunkworks 8/26/15
Future of 3D printing Hype Chart tookys3 8/26/15
Open for 3D Tuesday, we're here, where are you? Ken Runner 8/25/15
legal name of 10bit? jamcclenny 8/25/15
"Would the following members please report to the snack bar" Matt Grooms 8/25/15
"Matt, Please report to the snack bar" Matt Grooms 8/25/15
GoogleApps @ 10bitworks.org - Helpful link Matt Grooms 8/25/15
Open anytime today? Malik Aldabbagh 8/24/15
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