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10Bit makes the news Don Smeller 10/9/15
Helium Beer Don Smeller 10/9/15
Makerfaire news and planning tookys3 10/9/15
Just saw this, they are called it a 3D laser printer, it's actually a laser cutter with a camera Ken Runner 10/9/15
Teensy 3.1 tookys3 10/9/15
Tuesday / Wednesday at 10Bit Don Smeller 10/8/15
10bit got a spotlight on Maker Faire John Frazee 10/8/15
Help with inmoov tookys3 10/8/15
Member meeting 2nd Wednesday, next week Oct 16 at 6:30 Don Smeller 10/7/15
Elequa at SXSW and Video contest win tookys3 10/7/15
ESP8266 IoT WiFi modules Les Hall 10/6/15
Dyna CNC - Upgrade Ray Good 10/6/15
(Paid) DM-K64F logic board keyboard mapping John Frazee 10/6/15
MAIL Call! Matt Grooms 10/6/15
Wifi at Space Don Smeller 10/6/15
Fwd: The Week at 10Bit Don Smeller 10/4/15
Help: Laser Down Don Smeller 10/4/15
Printer Repair tookys3 10/3/15
repairing a small appliance motor mike perez 10/2/15
Help: Portable Laser Cutter [email address] 10/1/15
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