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Member Meeting 4th Saturday Don Smeller 4/25/15
Dell reseller SA - cheap monitors? gnu_don 4/25/15
Open for Art in the AM Saturday Don Smeller 4/25/15
Air Rockets! Les Hall 4/24/15
Makey Makey & 10bit gnu_don 4/24/15
Interesting printer fodder and multi-filament feeder Randy Ohman 4/23/15
3D medal news clip tookys3 4/23/15
Do-Ocracy Wednesday Don Smeller 4/23/15
Boxes Don Smeller 4/22/15
NASA Award for Protecting Astronauts on Mars Trip Randy Ohman 4/22/15
Recycle place in town makes 3D filiment Greg Bluntzer 4/22/15
SXSW Eco open source water tech workshop. Ryan Beltran 4/22/15
3D Printed Fiesta Medal on SA Live TODAY at 1PM! Matt Grooms 4/21/15
Anyone have a Leap Motion ? zunkworks 4/21/15
Open for Tuesday Ray Good 4/21/15
10bit Monthly Reminders mike perez 4/20/15
Inventors Don Smeller 4/20/15
Motorized Fishing Reel Don Smeller 4/19/15
Doesn't 10bit have a big switch? gnu_don 4/19/15
Supplies for classes at 10 bit ? gnu_don 4/19/15
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