Feel free to post about any problems you may be having with installation, questions about how to use particular features, and future plans for the driver.

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Welcome Michael Granger 1/23/12
Connection URIs Chris Bandy 4/22/14
Taming string allocations in the pg gem Sam Saffron 4/21/14
Pg gem on Mavericks : NameError: uninitialized constant PG Nitish Upreti 3/30/14
Optional Casting Cody Cutrer 2/10/14
setval and currval don't work through AR model unless data is already present in underlying table Atothe K 1/20/14
PostgreSQL gem on Rails - need clear instructions David Ray 1/19/14
ubf introduced in 0.6 is trouble Sam Saffron 12/10/13
Possible bug since 0.16. Fernando Lujan 12/9/13
Segmentation faults in pg 0.17.0 Lars 11/19/13
Sporadic StatementInvalid: relation "sessions" does not exist Svoop 11/17/13
AWS remote connection using 'pg' gem Henry 10/30/13
What is this siteconf20130709-97654-. . . .rb file for? Meltemi 10/3/13
ruby threads are blocking when doing cancel through haproxy 9/22/13
Error installing PG gem with PostgreSQL 9.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 Huy Nguyen 8/14/13
"Copy from" fails silently mthompsonsf 8/13/13
i get a very strange load file error rrw 8/8/13
Is there any logging? Anton Kuzmin 8/7/13
LISTEN / NOTIFY examples Perry Smith 8/4/13
Query hangs, propably after connection timeout Tilmann Singer 8/3/13
Optional Casting Cody Cutrer 7/3/13
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