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Sieves (again) Gary Vines 6/30/16
Fw: H-Rural daily digest: 1 new items have been posted John Pickard 6/29/16
AHIMS Quarantine Station Ron Volmershausen 6/29/16
Recent historical excavation in Mernda near Melbourne Gary Vines 6/28/16
Brick arch bridges JeannetteH 6/27/16
Aboriginal scarred trees illegally felled at Lake Burrumbeet Gary Vines 6/25/16
Restoration Australia on ABC John Pickard 6/25/16
Creet St Bendigo Gary Vines 6/23/16
Broken Hill Marnpi/Marnbi and relationships with Flinders Ranges and Qld Danuta Kucharska 6/23/16
Tasmanian shipwreck uncovered by storms Gary Vines 6/22/16
Book of possible interest: Jurskis "Firestick ecology" John Pickard 6/21/16
Victorian Aboriginal History at RHSV Michael Lever 6/18/16
Archaeology Dig Parties Gary Vines 6/18/16
Researchers on Salisbury Island Gary Vines 6/18/16
Laser Surveys in Cambodia Reveal Unparalleled Pre-Industrial Working of the Landscape Christian Aguilar 6/17/16
FW: [AASNet] Fwd: Norman Tindale Memorial Lecture - 12 August 2016 Gary Vines 6/16/16
FW: [AASNet] Detention of Iranian-Canadian anthropologist Professor Homa Hoodfar Gary Vines 6/16/16
FW: [Asha] Election 2016: Labor promise funding for National Library's Trove online database Gary Vines 6/16/16
Open Context Aaron 6/16/16
New resource being trialed IainS 6/14/16
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