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Expressions of interest sought from sub contractor archaeologists (Victoria) Jen Burch 4:18 AM
Call for papers - Zooarchaeology session at upcoming Australian Archaeological Association conference morgand...@gmail.com 7/28/16
FW: The 2016 Allen lecture in Archaeology Gary Vines 7/28/16
ASHA Conferance 2016 Christchurch IainS 7/28/16
FW: Indigenous Rock Art Project Fellowships at Griffith University Gary Vines 7/27/16
Fwd: 50th anniversary issue of Post-Medieval Archaeology Alice Gorman 7/25/16
Australian Archaeology IainS 7/24/16
JCU Archaeology Seminar Series for SP2, 2016 Ulm, Sean 7/22/16
engaging the public Richard Wright 7/21/16
Fw: [HISTARCH] Australian Archaeologists Find a Big Pile of Debitage Gary Vines 7/21/16
Space archaeology Alice Gorman 7/20/16
FW: [heritagechat] La Trobe University Archaeology Seminars, beginning Thursday July 28 [2 Attachments] Gary Vines 7/19/16
Senior Cultural Heritage Consultant opportunity available - Sydney CBD human.r...@rpsgroup.com.au 7/19/16
Sieves (again) Gary Vines 7/19/16
Senior Cultural Heritage Consultant opportunity available @ RPS Australia human.r...@rpsgroup.com.au 7/17/16
Subconsultant archaeologists wanted quac 7/16/16
New Heritage Council members Gary Vines 7/12/16
Indigenous nations, resilience and river system health - 20 July Adelaide Alice Gorman 7/12/16
Black Hill tip cf. the tips of Homebush Bay FuzzyWombat 7/12/16
Black Hill Ballarat Gary Vines 7/12/16
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