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history Wars - the battle of identity politics Gary Vines 9:33 PM
Mid-level Archaeologist position an...@alphaarc.com 8:23 PM
Archaeology of graves in North Queensland Gary Vines 5:11 AM
Vale Tony Sagona Gary Vines 3:41 AM
Heritage Consultant position at NGH Gary Vines 10/17/17
Archaeologists' Picnic 17 Dec Fenella 10/17/17
Team Leader Archaeology and Indigenous Partnerships Lance Syme 10/16/17
AASV Public Lecture Series 19 Oct - Dr. Garrick Hitchcock, The Final Fate of the La Pérouse Expedition? Rober...@outlook.com 10/15/17
Deep History of Sea Country: Submerged Palaeolandscapes & World Archaeology Adrian Mollenmans 10/15/17
Cave painting of Tasmanian Devil in NSW? jwe...@reptilepark.com.au 10/15/17
Relics and memories of WW11 in the landscape Ian Evans 10/6/17
Casual archaeologists positions available QLD Tim Robins 10/5/17
Re stories of memories of/post WWII ( ...the guns of Tomingley) FuzzyWombat 10/3/17
Ceramics ID poster Gary Vines 10/3/17
New Open Access Textbook: Key Concepts in Public Archaeology John Pickard 10/2/17
Fwd: Can anyone help identify this object? Guadalupe Cincunegui 10/2/17
Ceramics chart Angus Crawford 10/2/17
FW: [heritagechat] La Trobe Archaeology seminar, Thursday, 5 October Gary Vines 10/1/17
Koonalda request Richard Wright 10/1/17
Flores Man: the "hobbit": a note on his size Julian 10/1/17
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