This is the main discussion group for those working with or interested in the OpenXC Platform, a platform for using vehicle data in applications. For more information, visit the project's website.

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Disconnect from VI with OpenXC iOS framework. 4/27/17
OpenXC CrossChasm 5 Cellular VI Aditya Sabadra 4/27/17
Re: [OpenXC] Flashing firmaware in OSX Sierra stk500_2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout Eric Marsman 4/26/17
Does the device support Lincoln MKZ 2017 Hybrid? Geunseob Oh 4/24/17
CAN bus dumping issue in "OpenXC CrossChasm C5 BLE VI" hw through windows Harish Kumar 4/21/17
Help with communication over USB with CrossChasm C5 BLE VI Sean Hankins 4/21/17
Increase the amount of data per entry on Azure webpage Kyle Kelly 4/20/17
Open XC not detected as COM port Harish Kumar 4/19/17
Can't read logs from data source (Device is running version None) Eduardo HL 4/19/17
Sending and receiving a large packet greater than 8 Bytes A Nerd 4/12/17
Debugging with an IDE and JTAG 4/12/17
AGL CAN project based upon OpenXC 4/6/17
Compatibility of OpenXC device with cars sold in India parag962 4/6/17
Emulated CAN Data 3/22/17
Firmware issues Aditya Mandal 3/14/17
Reverse Engineering JSON Firmware with OpenXC - Webcast Eric Marsman 3/9/17
Openxc-control version issue Aditya Mandal 3/7/17
Macchina and OpenXC? Nick Bez 3/6/17
CanSignals key or unique id 3/6/17
C5BLE - Add another Bus Faisal Waris 3/5/17
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