This is the main discussion group for those working with or interested in the OpenXC Platform, a platform for using vehicle data in applications. For more information, visit the project's website.

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OpenXC-Android mobile application Yann Zant 9:20 AM
No Can Messages Recieved Mohamad Zein 6:24 AM
Trouble logging OBD2 data 12/5/16
How to connect android to a USB webcam using Open XC android-webcam ? Hakkannoid 11/29/16
C5 Cellular: Using an endpoint as an alternative to the Azure Web Server Dominic Meroux 11/28/16
Custom firmware: specific messages, limited rate Dominic Meroux 11/28/16
Support for simulator/network source on openxc-ios-framework Lloyd Torres 11/28/16
CrossChasm Quick-Start guide firmware flashing to C5 Kyle Kelly 11/22/16
RAW CAN - iso15765-can11/500 ? Joseph Niemiec 11/16/16
RE: Raspberry Pi as translator Chris 11/12/16
iOS framework get vehicle speed mrBadger 11/11/16
Send a write request Ady A 11/10/16
I think the most difficult thing is we don't know what kind of vehicles the OBD support. m c 10/22/16
openxc-control version Ady A 10/18/16
Write_raw and Bluetooth Connection Lost Jack Van Hoecke 10/18/16
senior design project with crosschasm c5 Betül Nur ERSÖZ 10/17/16
Support for additional interfaces such as J1939 Tool Finder 10/10/16
CrossChasm C5 and Windows Azure Kyle Kelly 10/7/16
Ford and OpenXC at HackMIT! Zac 10/4/16
Haltech compatibility Javier Ignacio Martínez Figueroa 9/20/16
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