This is the main discussion group for those working with or interested in the OpenXC Platform, a platform for using vehicle data in applications. For more information, visit the project's website.

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RTC time and msd_enable Dominic Meroux 1/17/17
CrossChasm Quick-Start guide firmware flashing to C5 Kyle Kelly 1/17/17
accessing latitude and longitude Robert Baruch 1/17/17
More info on the non-ford 8 bit info, and deciding between hardware options. Jon S.G. 1/17/17
EV/PHEV CAN Message Xiaojun Yang 1/16/17
Getting started with OpenXC Farhan Aamir 1/4/17
Are openXC special features like steering angle supported by Cars other than ford ? Ahmad Masri 1/4/17
Raw CAN format with aftermarket ECU Jacob Albert 1/4/17
C5 Cellular: Using an endpoint as an alternative to the Azure Web Server Dominic Meroux 1/4/17
How to extract DTC from OpenXC VI Maxim The Bridge 1/4/17
Crosschasm C5 BLE not connecting via bluetooth Zik 1/4/17
Does the firmware support PIC24 out of the box? Timothy Mbiti 1/4/17
C5 BLE compatible with Android? Zik 12/25/16
Trouble logging OBD2 data 12/22/16
CrosschasmC5 - Can't read data source after compiling with custom config.cpp Kyle Kelly 12/21/16
CROSSCHASM_C5_BLE USB recognized only by using emulator firmware Zik 12/20/16
OpenXC-Android mobile application Yann Zant 12/14/16
Aftermarket ECUs Mehmet Yılmaz 12/9/16
No Can Messages Recieved Mohamad Zein 12/7/16
How to connect android to a USB webcam using Open XC android-webcam ? Hakkannoid 11/29/16
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