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This is the Open Data Manchester Google Group it is a place for discussion, sharing hacks, tips and other relevant open data related content. For the Open Data Manchester website please go here.

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Next Open Data Manchester - Planning meeting Julian Tait 10/22/15
Data sets for Libraries Dave Mee 10/16/15
Blog post on map visualisations and why we should stop making pincusions! Kim Foale 10/12/15
Fracking vs sinkholes? Kim Foale 10/9/15
Freedom of Information under threat. Julian Tait 10/1/15
The Snooper's Charter Strikes Back! (talk and workshop, Manchester, Oct 5th) Tom Chiverton 9/23/15
Open Data Camp 2 - Manchester Julian Tait 9/22/15
KTP Position at Keele University (Data Scientist) KP Lam 9/22/15
Letter to David Cameron Julian Tait 9/22/15
Policy Week 2015 Julian Tait 9/16/15
Be Part of a Global Open Data Research Initiative Sanaz A 9/16/15
22nd Sept - intro to git & github Steven Flower 9/14/15
KTP Position at the University of Manchester seanb 9/2/15
Job Announcement: Open Data Services Co-operative Steven Flower 9/1/15
Crowdsourcing an open Internet of Things infrastructure for Greater Manchester Julian Tait 8/28/15
Open Data Challenge Series - Dublin Julian Tait 8/27/15
Article: "You can map Britain and Ireland's population centres, using only the location of pubs" Kim Foale 8/23/15
Open Data Manchester meeting this week Julian Tait 8/23/15
Geeks for social change meetup 26th Aug @ Hulme Kim Foale 8/10/15
NHS Hack Day 11 - Manchester 12th & 13th September 2015 Marcus Baw 8/8/15
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