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All discussion should regard the Netrunner card game, including both the original CCG from WotC and the new Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight.  The group is primarily intended for people in the Seattle area to be able to organize casual and competitive play sessions.

Commercial posts are ok as long as (a) they involve Netrunner and (b) they are from people local to the Seattle area.

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Facebook group Prunesquallor 11/12/13
Wednesday Night Netrunning in Renton, 6pm-10pm @ Luther's Table (419 South 2nd Ste 1) Ian Liddle 6/17/13
Tuesdays at Raygun Lounge (Gamma Ray) Prunesquallor 6/11/13
Redmond (Games and Gizmos) brendan 5/21/13
Thursday Night (7pm) Netrunner League at Greenlake Games yuri tolpin 5/12/13
Netrunner league Sunday nights at Card Kingdom Prunesquallor 4/27/13
Useful Links : Prunesquallor 4/26/13
3x core for sale Andrew Stewart 3/7/14
selling netrunner collection howard 1/28/14
New player Andrew Stewart 1/15/14
Cerebral Imaging - tournament Sat Dec 7 Prunesquallor 11/26/13
Woodinville Weefle Wednesdays Prunesquallor 11/12/13
Eastside Netrunning on Tuesday nights Brent 9/9/13
Vancouver, BC Netrunner Tournament - Sat July 20th Nels Anderson 7/3/13
Seattle Regionals update and cleanup Prunesquallor 6/25/13
Netrunner Seattle Update Prunesquallor 6/20/13
Engineering the Future : Tournament Sat May 25th Prunesquallor 5/10/13
New Forum! Eliot Hemingway 4/28/13
CK this Sunday may be a little nuts... 4/28 Brendan Keating 4/28/13
Tourney formats and time. Riley Scott 4/27/13
A few spoilers for Humanity's Shadow Prunesquallor 4/27/13
May tournament dates Prunesquallor 4/27/13
Hi there! Brendan Keating 4/27/13
Humanity's Shadow Spoilers Ro 4/26/13
Tournament Organizer @ Bellevue Patrick @ Uncle's 4/25/13
WED 4-24 Games? Ian 4/24/13
BGG post on Criminal strategy Prunesquallor 4/22/13
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