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Legitimate TESB cassettes m...@rayssd.uucp 7/19/84
Continuity error in STAR WARS - the ANSWER Jim Heliotis 7/14/84
INQUISITION BonnellDS 7/12/84
rotj and tesb video cassettes wanted Tom Duff 7/12/84
(Tap tap tap) Anyone there? - (nf) j...@uokvax.uucp 7/7/84
SW I or SW VII? Landon C. Noll 7/7/84
Legitimate STAR WARS tapes Jerry Boyajian 7/6/84
request for pirated movies - (nf) g...@trsvax.uucp 6/30/84
(Tap tap tap) Anyone there? Landon C. Noll 6/30/84
(Tap tap tap) Anyone there? - (nf) 2-8-84Lorenzo D 97750) 6/26/84
Request for pirated movies fuji...@hplabsb.uucp 6/24/84
Question about -LEGAL- rotj and tesb tapes Landon C. Noll 6/24/84
Continuity error in STAR WARS - the jo...@hp-pcd.uucp 6/21/84
Continuity error in Star Wars (trivia question) Kenn Barry 6/18/84
YABS (S.W. style) Arnold Robbins 5/24/84
V: no surprises 5/17/84
A `lurker' speaks... bsafw%B...@ncoast.uucp 5/13/84
SF-LOVERS Digest V9 #65 - (nf) cla...@smu.uucp 4/29/84
SF-LOVERS Digest V9 #65 Peter E. Yee 4/27/84
Force Fields and Reality - (nf) no...@iuvax.uucp 4/20/84
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