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Welcome to MNAEG - the MN Agile Experiences Group   


 Find out what others in the area are doing with Agile!   

MNAEG is composed of individuals from the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area interested in sharing experiences related to agile,

and provides a forum for anyone attempting to utilize (or otherwise being affected by) agile in some manner. 

Suggestions for monthly meeting topics are solicited from and then chosen by the group.   


See our site for more info:


MNAEG is a special interest group (SEG) of OTUG  

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LeSS Practitioner Training comes to the Twin Cities! Angela Johnson 8/12/15
Graduate Programs in Software Information Session RHunter 7/19/15
Joe Justice Build Party Comes to the Twin Cities! Angela Johnson 6/28/15
New Group meeting? Dev Barua, PMP. CSM 5/21/15
Agile Coach/PM Scrum Master position in the South metro area. Dev Barua, PMP. CSM 5/13/15
Looking for Scrum Masters Jim Oolman 4/27/15
Thursday, April 16 MNAEG Gathering - Agile Compromises - Part 2 RHunter 4/13/15
March 17 MNAEG canceled. RHunter 3/9/15
MNAEG gathering confirmed for February 19 RHunter 2/15/15
Next MNAEG gathering Thursday, February 19 ? RHunter 2/4/15
MNAEG Gathering Tuesday Jan. 13. Agile Compromises - When you can’t or won’t use Scrum/Agile ‘by the book’ RHunter 1/8/15
Any upcoming events planned? Raja Viswanathan 12/2/14
MNAEG Gathering Tuesday, Nov.18 - "Are we really coaching or are we just calling ourselves coaches?" RHunter 11/13/14
November 18th MNAEG Gathering? RHunter 11/5/14
MNAEG Gathering Thursday, October 9, 2014 - Large Scale Scrum model (LeSS) RHunter 10/7/14
September 16 MNAEG Gathering RHunter 9/14/14
Suggestion for topic: Managing bugs in Scrum - what do we do if there are a lot of hot fixes mid sprint, best practices for bug management in a scrum environment Laisa Pevidor De Almeida 6/10/14
Suggestions for Topics : Taking a look at other Agile Frameworks Kanban, XP Programming; Test Drive Development - Benefits, How to Implement it Laisa Pevidor De Almeida 6/6/14
The next gathering of MNAEG is Tuesday, May 13 at 6:00 PM. RHunter 5/11/14
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