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Android Maven Plugin 4.5.0 release Manfred Moser (simpligility) 7/25/17
Android NDK Maven Plugin 1.1.2 Manfred Moser (simpligility) 7/19/16
Android for Maven Eclipse going UNMAINTAINED Ricardo Gladwell 2/18/16
Android for Maven Eclipse feature release 1.3.0 Ricardo Gladwell 5/18/15
Failure to find Pawel 11/4/17
APK: No resource found that matches the given name Pawel 11/4/17
4.5.0 is out Manfred Moser (simpligility) 7/15/17
Android m2e issue 4/10/17
Consuming aar Philippe Riand 4/9/17
Consuming an aar /2 Philippe Riand 4/3/17
Towards 4.5.0 Manfred Moser (simpligility) 3/23/17
Dex'ing Johan Lindquist 10/21/16
IntelliJ Luciano Santos 9/6/16
Android Maven Plugin 4.4.3 Released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 7/18/16
Documentation for publish-apk and publish-listing? Andreas Schildbach 6/2/16
Android Maven Plugin 4.4.2 Releasd Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/31/16
Maven Android SDK Deployer Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/30/16
Quick heads up Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/28/16
New release Csaba Kozák 5/27/16
Android NDK Maven Plugin 1.1.1 Released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 3/22/16
Android NDK Maven Plugin 1.1.0 released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 2/15/16
Android Maven Plugin 4.4.1 released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 1/31/16
Google Cloud Messaging API -Error in Pom.xml file for Maven Environment(Android Studio) 1/28/16
Towards a new release Manfred Moser (simpligility) 1/25/16
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