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Android for Maven Eclipse feature release 1.3.0 Ricardo Gladwell 5/18/15
Android Maven Plugin 4.2.1 released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/18/15
Issue With Maven Animesh 5/20/15
Authorization failure with android:publish-listing goal 5/10/15
Struggling with getting any AAR imported in IntelliJ Ultimate 14.1.2. Don't understand maven-android-sdk-deployer Frode Nilsen 5/10/15
maven-android-sdk-deployer - do I need it? Frode Nilsen 5/7/15
Installing jar files for AAR only resources Summers Pittman 4/27/15
Android Maven Plugin 4.2.0 released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 4/15/15
maven-android-sdk-deployer - google play services 6.5 granular dependency management Manuel Gallego 4/1/15
Issues with sample projects on Intellij/AS Rafael Portela 3/30/15
Issues with maven-android-plugin 4.x.x on Intellij/Android Studio Rafael Portela 3/30/15
The sorry state of NDK support in IDEs Kalle Korhonen 3/24/15
publish-apk needs execution of other plugin goals Csaba Kozák 3/6/15
Maven-android-sdk-deployer on Maven Central? Andreas Schildbach 3/3/15
Dependencies to use appcompat ActionBar... Roberto Simoni 2/18/15
Documentation for publish-apk and publish-listing? Andreas Schildbach 2/12/15
Android Maven Plugin 4.1.1 released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 2/3/15
Dependency on AAR provided by project module Tomáš Procházka 1/30/15
Documentation move and site update progress Manfred Moser (simpligility) 1/27/15
Given a pom.xml with a dependency, the apk is generated, but I obtain a NoClassDefFoundError at Runtime... Roberto Simoni 1/22/15
Wiki on GoogleCode is outdated Lorenzo Pini 1/21/15
Android Maven Plugin 4.1.0 released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 1/16/15
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