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Android Maven Plugin 3.9.0-rc.2 released - on the road to 4.0.0! Manfred Moser (simpligility) 6/4/14
m2e-android and Eclipse Luna Kalle Korhonen 7/9/14
Future of Maven Central regarding Android development? Andreas Schildbach 7/2/14
Using an Android library with flavors as a dependency? Kevin Kovach 6/30/14
[Android maven plugin] Difference between apkDebug and release parameter in apk goal? Kiron Krishnankutty 6/16/14
3.9.0-rc.2 released Manfred Moser (simpligility) 6/3/14
Process for submitting pull requests William Ferguson 5/28/14
IntelliJ problems with mixed aar / apklib dependencies Markus Junginger 5/28/14
Now using forked dependency-tree Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/27/14
Everything merged but also not working... Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/27/14
Ideas for creating a pure Java Android APK packaging system Pawan Dubey 5/26/14
Re: [maven-android-developers] Snapshot fails with maven-dependency-tree 2.2-SNAPSHOT Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/23/14
NoClassDefFoundError: ProjectReferenceKeyGenerator using android-maven-plugin-3.9.0-20140515.215441-3.jar Anton Baranoff 5/21/14
Getting ready for 3.9.0-rc.2 Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/19/14
Latest snapshot misses dependency tree Lorenzo Pini 5/19/14
Issue tracker move Manfred Moser (simpligility) 5/19/14
Release without manifestUpdate Michal Semerák 5/15/14
Deploy apk from repository Luzi Anderegg 5/15/14
apklib res directory included multiple times in aapt command Pieter 5/15/14
deply apk from repo Luzi Anderegg 5/14/14
Probably solution to resolving AAR (and other) dependencies from the reactor - looking for testers William Ferguson 5/9/14
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