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Updated article: Conditional Preservation of Whitespace Ron Savage 10/12/14
Parsing domain names, and cookies Ron Savage 10/10/14
MarpaX::Demo::StringParser V 2.00 is on CPAN, and includes a DASH language parser Ron Savage 10/9/14
A grant proposal for a new markup language Ron Savage 10/9/14
Article: using an external tokenizer with Marpa Michael Roberts 10/7/14
Can I use the R2 scanless interface with an external tokenizer? Michael Roberts 10/7/14
Graph::Easy::Marpa has been removed from CPAN. It will be replaced by (the unreleased) MarpaX::Demo::StringParser V 2.00 Ron Savage 10/6/14
An article about JS notation (not by me!) Ron Savage 10/6/14
A new article: The Prehistory of Marpa Ron Savage 10/4/14
New stable release with improved SLIF parse event documentation Jeffrey Kegler 10/3/14
Marpa does the job — simple parser for a crazy text rns 10/2/14
Marpa-R2-2.095_000: IRC channel link on metacpan broken rns 10/2/14
Links to test suite code from the docs rns 10/2/14
A problem with calling ambiguous() and ambiguity_metric() Ron Savage 10/1/14
My current priorities Jeffrey Kegler 9/30/14
"Wow, this is very cool!" on Marpa at StackOverflow rns 9/30/14
Using Marpa::R2::NAIF to clean up Context-Free Grammars rns 9/26/14
A grammar for quoted strings with escaped chars Ron Savage 9/24/14
New blog post, "Parsing: a timeline" Jeffrey Kegler 9/24/14
Fwd: [fonc] Earley Parsing Explained (incomplete first draft) Reini Urban 9/21/14
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