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Welcome to the Marpa parser Google group.  This group is for discussion of the Marpa parser.  There is also an IRC channel, which currently is more active: #marpa on .

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Parsing as taking the derivative of a grammar. Anton Dyudin 1/12/16
New blog post: "What are the reasonable computer languages?" Jeffrey Kegler 1/6/16
"Top-down parsing is guessing": new blog post. Jeffrey Kegler 1/3/16
action => ::lhs Cev Ing 1/3/16
Regular expressions Thomas Weigert 12/13/15
SQL to JSON example Cev Ing 11/27/15
"::lhs" blessing only allowed if LHS is whitespace and alphanumerics Cev Ing 11/26/15
Global symbol "$EVAL_ERROR" requires explicit package name Cev Ing 11/26/15
SLIF style guide / best practices? Paul Bennett 11/22/15
Emacs marpa-mode Cev Ing 11/21/15
No lexeme found Cev Ing 11/20/15
New article: Understanding Marpa-style action subs parameters Ron Savage 11/19/15
→ A Pint-sized Earley Parser Aristotle Pagaltzis 9/21/15
HN: Tutorial in Earley Parsing Andreas Kupries 9/15/15
Re: New blog post: "Fast handy languages" Andrew Kirkpatrick 8/30/15
Sample code for parsing heredocs Ron Savage 8/19/15
Marpa-related talk at Swiss Perl Workshop Jeffrey Kegler 8/19/15
Installing Marpa::R2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.1 (Maipo) 8/17/15
Calling C MARPA from Java 8/16/15
Parsing files containing several lines of data 8/16/15
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