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Welcome to the Marpa parser Google group.  This group is for discussion of the Marpa parser.  There is also an IRC channel, which currently is more active: #marpa on .

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A Marpa/Moops powered M4 implementation Durand Jean-Damien 4/11/15
"Linear? Yeah right." Jeffrey Kegler 3/16/15
"Peep" action Максим Суслов 3/14/15
Error if no L0 rules Максим Суслов 3/14/15
Obtaining value and continuing the parse Thomas Weigert 3/13/15
Marpa-R2-2.104000 -- indexed release with discard events Jeffrey Kegler 3/10/15
Marpa and Ancient Languages: Encouragement and Discouragement, Acceptance and Rejection Ron Savage 3/8/15
Action or Scanless::G accessors for separator in quantified rules Thomas Weigert 3/6/15
News: Parsing the output from value(), and other matters Ron Savage 3/6/15
Marpa-R2 2.103_010 -- release candidate, try 2 Jeffrey Kegler 3/5/15
Marpa-R2 2.103_009 -- release candidate Jeffrey Kegler 3/3/15
"PEG: Ambiguity, precision and confusion" Jeffrey Kegler 3/3/15
Libmarpa is now MIT-licensed Jeffrey Kegler 3/2/15
Marpa-R2 2.103_008 -- Discard events are ready! Jeffrey Kegler 3/1/15
RFD: MIT/Lua License for Libmarpa rns 2/22/15
MarpaX::Languages::M4 Durand Jean-Damien 2/22/15
Developer's release Marpa-R2 2.103_007 Jeffrey Kegler 2/19/15
Ambiguous parses induced in external lexer Thomas Weigert 2/16/15
Handling rejection Thomas Weigert 2/9/15
[MarpaX::Regex] empty capturing groups rns 2/6/15
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