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"PEG: Ambiguity, precision and confusion" Jeffrey Kegler 3/3/15
Libmarpa is now MIT-licensed Jeffrey Kegler 3/2/15
Marpa-R2 2.103_008 -- Discard events are ready! Jeffrey Kegler 3/1/15
RFD: MIT/Lua License for Libmarpa rns 2/22/15
MarpaX::Languages::M4 Durand Jean-Damien 2/22/15
Developer's release Marpa-R2 2.103_007 Jeffrey Kegler 2/19/15
Ambiguous parses induced in external lexer Thomas Weigert 2/16/15
Handling rejection Thomas Weigert 2/9/15
[MarpaX::Regex] empty capturing groups rns 2/6/15
Backward "in-compatibility" Jeffrey Kegler 2/4/15
New developer's release, with better event initialization Jeffrey Kegler 2/4/15
(lib)marpa, slif-to-c, notes on lexing Andreas Kupries 2/4/15
Not Marpa related, but anyway: Announce Text::Table::Manifold Ron Savage 2/2/15
RFD: Assignment of copyright, try 2 Jeffrey Kegler 1/27/15
Assignment of copyright put on hold Jeffrey Kegler 1/25/15
MIT/Lua License & Assignment of copyright Jeffrey Kegler 1/24/15
Judy arrays Jeffrey Kegler 1/23/15
Announce Text::Balanced::Marpa V 1.00 Ron Savage 1/21/15
If you're looking for a Marpa project to do.... Ron Savage 1/19/15
Announce: X500::DN::Marpa and blog Ron Savage 1/17/15
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