Manchester Mini Maker Faire UK

Manchester Mini Maker Faire is happening! 26 - 27 July 2014!
This group is the preferred method of general communication so use it to discuss anything related to the faire you'd like, share ideas or ask questions. The organisers will keep an eye on discussions so any questions shouldn't go unanswered.

Hint: We'd love to see you guys discussing your projects and maybe even collaborating to make doubly fantastical things!

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Vintage & Gadgets Samantha Mills 7/29/12
Maker Meetup - Saturday Curry Cat Rushmore 7/27/12
Cameras? Richard Howarth 7/27/12
1 week to go - Crazy Golf Maker Challenge! Manchester Mini Maker Faire UK 7/27/12
Great press coverage of Maker Faire so far John Beckerson (Senior Curator, MOSI) 7/26/12
Hi John and Cat, I'm just wondering about the projector lauren 7/25/12
Schedule : Setting Up Opening Times Martyn Eggleton 7/25/12
So who else is coming? John Beckerson (Senior Curator, MOSI) 7/25/12
Vehicles on site Cat Rushmore 7/25/12
space midconversation 7/25/12
Maker documents John Beckerson (Senior Curator, MOSI) 7/25/12
Re: risk assessment nop head 7/25/12
Hackspaces [Game Jam] and ethernet Andrew Dutton 7/25/12
"Inner site car park" - where is the way in? Iain Sharp 7/24/12
Staff car park question Iain Sharp 7/24/12
Woops, nearly broke my Arduino Duemillanove... James Medd 7/24/12
Hello. is it me....? I can't find a setting up time for either Saturday or Sunday. Does anyone know! lauren 7/23/12
Lift capacity and set-up help Iain Sharp 7/14/12
Public Libility Insurance Grumpy Mike 7/14/12
Tables and chairs Iain Sharp 7/14/12
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