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Lasercutter booking system Arthur 7:19 AM
Quiet night! Arthur 4/17/14
biohackers Bryan Bradford 4/16/14
Fwd: BioCoder 3 is out! Derek 4/15/14
I think I've found that cargo lift we've been wanting Tyler Rivard 4/13/14
Printed Circuit Board Making Workshop? EAGLE PCB Workshop? Craig Carmichael 4/13/14
Kickstarter find: Consumer 3D printer 4/12/14
3D Printer class canceled (Apr 13) Arthur 4/12/14
3D printer replacement 3D Warren 4/11/14
App developer needed soundofbliss 4/10/14
CAD software for MAkerspace 3D Warren 4/10/14
3D Printer Issue? Dave P. 4/10/14
Email hosting providers? Arthur 4/9/14
lounge move, new area Tyler Rivard 4/9/14
Design Spark SandyB 4/8/14
Mobile app dev? Thomas Gray 4/8/14
Planning meeting Tuesday, please come Tyler Rivard 4/7/14
request for object made on 3d printer Silvia Dulc 4/7/14
New classes Apr 19 ! Arthur 4/7/14
Electronics night got a bit wild last night... Thomas Gray 4/6/14
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