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Arduino Animatronics components Derek 1:23 PM
Metal Shed Layout Designs Austin VH 1:10 PM
Fwd: Black Friday Sale: 5-for-1 Microbiome Kits Derek 8:25 AM
SketchUp update Jason Cummer 11/23/15
attn derek Ronin Wallace 11/19/15
Re: Please accept my invitation to join Victoria Raspberry PiMakers And Others Derek 11/17/15
Laser Cutter Joe Klovance 11/16/15
Video recording room framed in... SandyB 11/16/15
volunteer sought - create scoring system for upcoming sporting event Mike Teachman 11/14/15
attn Sandy Ronin Wallace 11/13/15
box of wheels Pete Presant 11/10/15
This looks fun - EM Sensing Mark 11/10/15
Anything for Thomas in Powell River? Arthur 11/8/15
using a 4k camera for laser 3d scanner? Eric Davies 11/8/15
led tape Eric Davies 11/7/15
Opportunity fair and the 3D printer Derek 11/7/15
Storage shelves SandyB 11/6/15
VR has a lot of tricks up its sleeve Chris Stone 11/5/15
Fwd: UVic Properties Bulletin | VITP Fire Alarm Testing Derek 11/4/15
Ferrofluids (again!) NicHume 11/3/15
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