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electronics ideas Vince 6:45 AM
missing foredom tools Tyler Rivard 12:42 AM
Studio Robazzo Launch Event andrew azzopardi 3/26/15
makerspace paypal Nate 3/25/15
waterbears Derek 3/25/15
chinese hackerspaces Derek 3/25/15
laser cutting Mark Garrison 3/25/15
Taig lathe to donate Nate 3/24/15
CNC Router Mike Kammerer 3/24/15
Internet Connectivity Kevin Battersby 3/24/15
Print to casting to enamelled medal Thomas Gray 3/23/15
out of mig gas Tyler Rivard 3/21/15
FPGA workshop may 12 Derek 3/20/15
bioethics of human germline modification Derek 3/20/15
Mig welding Consumables Kc Petersen 3/20/15
Chinese arduino clones Nate 3/20/15
Sourcing thin wood for the laser cutter 3/20/15
Tech interviews Derek 3/19/15
GIS?? Embedded C?? Hillwalker 3/19/15
pickup in vancouver Kc Petersen 3/19/15
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