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Mayors Awards Sand Casting andrew azzopardi 8/30/15
Metal yard/junk yard in Victoria Sébastien Lavoie 8/30/15
IFTTT (if this then that) has new(ish) "Maker Channel" Pete Presant 8/26/15
Photo development tools 8/25/15
interesting article Eric Davies 8/24/15
DIY Food Dehydrator. Anybody? gaiatechnician 8/22/15
Components Derek 8/21/15
anyone coming for electronics night? Pete Presant 8/20/15
laser level Tyler Rivard 8/19/15
Status of Lasercutter Machines Arthur 8/18/15
Does anyone have any Sugru? Chris Stone 8/18/15
Do we have a jigsaw in the woodshop? Sébastien Lavoie 8/16/15
Ian, thought you might enjoy this Mark 8/16/15
welder sovranmade 8/14/15
oculus station password? 8/9/15
Oscilloscope mislabelled? Arthur 8/9/15
Swiss Army Garage Mark 8/9/15
Laser sovranmade 8/5/15
Found USB stick in the Lasercutter computer Arthur 8/3/15
Re: [makerspaceca] cryptocurrency creation gaiatechnician 8/2/15
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