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looking for a mac wizard 9:06 AM
Re: [makerspaceca] IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR MAKERSPACE MEMBERS (who are not already on "") Derek 2/10/16
Suggested readings for introduction to Bio-hacking Brock Hay 2/9/16
PiMaker Derek 2/7/16
Where to buy wire on a sunday? Jarren Butterworth 2/7/16
3d printer Derek 2/7/16
Open house tonight? NicHume 2/2/16
Cutting complex object from sheet metal? Arthur 2/1/16
Victoria tool library Derek 2/1/16
Big thanks to the Woodshop admin ! Mike Teachman 2/1/16
Help! - I need some nylon gears duplicated or replaced... NicHume 1/31/16
3d printer computer could use a few updates Jarren Butterworth 1/31/16
Would this 3d print? Jarren Butterworth 1/31/16
Fwd: MIGnificent Pricing In February SandyB 1/29/16
3d printer... booking? Jarren Butterworth 1/28/16
Arduino Classes and Kits 1/26/16
Recording studio Joe Klovance 1/26/16
Virtuix Omni Derek 1/26/16
I printed a thing! Fletcher Hallihan 1/24/16
Project cars Derek 1/23/16
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