Common Lisp Statistics

Group for recording activity, thoughts, etc, for Common Lisp Statistics (CLS, Common Lisp-Stat, Common LispStat, etc) which is intended to be:

  1. an interactive and batch-based dynamic data analysis environment, based on Common Lisp.
  2. examples of how to do statistical and non-statistical data analysis with Common Lisp
  3. a forum for package development for various aspects regarding statistical data analysis with Lisp

Appropriate topics include questions and comments regarding (statistical) data analysis using Common Lisp, and related development topics (metadata, numerical analysis, computation, visualization) to drive Common Lisp package development.


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recent activity A.J. Rossini 2/26/14
Unit testing programs: currently LIFT, FIVEAM is somewhere, what about CLUNIT (from tgutu) A.J. Rossini 2/24/14
Common lisp stat and 2014 David Hodge 2/12/14
LO(W)ESS Tamas Papp 12/16/13
Status, response to queries from Steve / David, and moving ahead A.J. Rossini 11/24/13
Current Status: examples 00, 02, and 04 working, 04 and 10 being worked on A.J. Rossini 10/21/13
Fixed an error thanks to Zach Beane, and committed more dataframe cleanup. A.J. Rossini 10/19/13
On a related note, RCL (from quicklisp) looks rather advanced A.J. Rossini 10/17/13
handling dates Tamas Papp 10/2/13
reading STATA's dta format in CL Tamas Papp 10/1/13
Status: example work up to #10 work A.J. Rossini 8/6/13
Quicklispable? steven.nunez 7/30/13
Fwd: Common Lisp Stat A.J. Rossini 7/28/13
common-lisp-stat error Nelson Marcelino 4/14/13
Re: common-lisp-stat error A.J. Rossini 4/14/13
status, 21 Jan 2013... (summary: merge done, not yet complete, more graphics to look at) A.J. Rossini 2/4/13
dataframe api... quick question A.J. Rossini 1/21/13
added basic fft to my dataframes Mirko Vukovic 1/13/13
Status... A.J. Rossini 1/9/13
ann: yet another data-frame Mirko Vukovic 1/8/13
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