Welcome to the Kansas Permaculture Collaborative List-Serve.  This e-mail group will allow you to communicate with other permaculture practitioners and enthusiasts in the Central Great Plains Bioregion, to get announcements for lectures, workshops, useful information and events.  This is a private group and is moderated to control unwanted solicitations and spam.

The Kansas Permaculture Collaborative purpose and mission is to foster a community of farmers and urban gardeners whose focus is the development of ecologically sustainable living, production of healthy food, conservation of energy, community education and the sharing of skills and labor with the vision to create self-reliant communities. We embrace the permaculture ethic and are committed to creating a sustainable and ecologically viable way of life.

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Helping soil with biochar David Yarrow 3/13/16
What is morphic resonance Steve Moring 3/8/16
Urban Ag zoning amendment - final hearing to be at City Commission Michael Almon 3/4/16
trees for sale, persimmons, pears, super cheap plums s a 2/28/16
jennynbowen 2/25/16
Employment Opportunity Cara Leigh Schuster 2/25/16
LOGO Contest Cara Leigh Schuster 2/23/16
KPI ANNUAL MTG TODAY sgrjones49 2/21/16
Spring farmhand Cara Leigh Schuster 2/18/16
Organic Meat & Milk Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids David Yarrow 2/18/16
Permaculture Apprenticeship Opportunity Steve Moring 2/17/16
Kansas Permaculture Collaborative & Institute Annual Meeting Steve Moring 2/16/16
Soil Microbes Can Heal Us David Yarrow 2/15/16
Fwd: Wanted: organic grain/hay (Baldwin City) Angela Rothweiler 2/15/16
Grape vines in Permaculture 2/10/16
First KPI Annual Meeting sgrjones49 2/8/16
NRCS election kansasnancy 2/3/16
Library in search of speaker on Humanure Gwen 1/21/16
Darren Doherty Regrarian workshops David Yarrow 1/19/16
Cultivate KC Farmers and Friends next Saturday mandjfalley 1/18/16
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