Welcome to the Kansas Permaculture Collaborative and Institute List-Serve.  This e-mail group will allow you to communicate with other permaculture practitioners and enthusiasts in the Central Great Plains Bioregion, to get announcements for lectures, workshops, useful information and events.  This is a private group and is moderated to control unwanted solicitations and spam.

The Kansas Permaculture Institute's purpose and mission is to foster a community of farmers and urban gardeners whose focus is the development of ecologically sustainable living, production of healthy food, conservation of energy, community education and the sharing of skills and labor with the vision to create self-reliant communities. We embrace the permaculture ethic and are committed to creating a sustainable and ecologically viable way of life.

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LML is hiring!! Laura Odel 10/13/17
Australian Farmer Calls for Food Revolution David Yarrow 10/11/17
Fwd: Farming for Resilient Communities; The Future of Ag Education Conference Laura Odel 10/10/17
Future of Ag Ed Conference @ JCCC Laura Odel 10/10/17
Dutch Intensive Agriculture David Yarrow 10/9/17
Growing A Revolution David Yarrow 10/8/17
Fall Gathering & Potluck mandjfalley 10/8/17
Fall Gathering Loretta 10/8/17
Fall gathering & potluck - This Sunday, October 8 mandjfalley 10/3/17
Fwd: [northeasternpermaculture] Early Bird Till October 15, 2017 - For the Best Soil & Nutrient Conference Yet! David Yarrow 10/2/17
Fwd: Fwd: updated version of Chickenization manuscript Steve Moring 10/1/17
Earthship Minded Volunteers Needed Bill 9/30/17
Scythe Mentor arensbpa 9/30/17
Fwd: [northeasternpermaculture] Your help needed to install a Climate Battery! David Yarrow 9/29/17
Kansas Permaculture Fall Gathering Sunday Oct. 8 Steve Moring 9/15/17
Forum this sunday --topics that are food for thought dave-agi 9/15/17
PermaCommons Blitz Sunday 9/17 Laura Odel 9/14/17
Food plants for transplanting tinagoodyoga 8/27/17
Fwd: Dicamba herbicide drift sign-on letter Steve Moring 8/25/17
Prairie hay source Laura Odel 8/23/17
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