Welcome to the Kansas Permaculture Collaborative List-Serve.  This e-mail group will allow you to communicate with other permaculture practitioners and enthusiasts in the Central Great Plains Bioregion, to get announcements for lectures, workshops, useful information and events.  This is a private group and is moderated to control unwanted solicitations and spam.

The Kansas Permaculture Collaborative purpose and mission is to foster a community of farmers and urban gardeners whose focus is the development of ecologically sustainable living, production of healthy food, conservation of energy, community education and the sharing of skills and labor with the vision to create self-reliant communities. We embrace the permaculture ethic and are committed to creating a sustainable and ecologically viable way of life.

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Please Donate Sticks ASAP for Biochar Marty Kraft 12/1/16
support local action on Giving Tuesday Michael Almon 11/30/16
Carpool to Holistic Orchardist Michael Phillips- workshop in Columbia 12/6! Brady K 11/29/16
Compost / Manure Sources Matt Schwabauer 11/29/16
KPI Spring 2017 Permaculture Design Course Steve Moring 11/16/16
60 Acres of Land for Sale - an Extraordinary Permaculture Opportunity Steve Moring 11/16/16
Fwd: Tribute to Bill Mollison Steve Moring 11/14/16
Making Biochar Today Marty Kraft 11/14/16
Reminder: Marda Farm Permaculture Project Presentation - Tomorrow 6:30 pm Steve Moring 11/6/16
Lawrence Food Not Lawns - lawn eradication workshop & class Michael Almon 11/3/16
Update: The Marda Project - Permaculture in Palestine Steve Moring 11/1/16
Fwd: Discovery Channel seeking farm family sgrjones49 11/1/16
Apple Cider Vinegar Scott Barth 10/31/16
Honoring a Local Partner is Sustainable Living Steve Moring 10/30/16
Vegan Permaculture Steve Moring 10/30/16
Fwd: Jefferson County Food Council survey Steve Moring 10/27/16
The Marda Project - Permaculture in Palestine's West Bank Steve Moring 10/26/16
Hydroponics ADAMS GARY & PLAYERS 10/22/16
Mother Earth News Fair Scott Barth 10/20/16
are you going to the fair? dave-agi 10/20/16
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