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Having some trouble updating stdlib docs Spencer Russell 9/18/15
Use of GNU libc extensions, such as memmem Scott Jones 9/18/15
ANN: SnoopCompile for faster* package starts (*sometimes) Tim Holy 9/18/15
Did a "switch" get flipped in v0.4 for more aggressive warnings? Randy Zwitch 9/17/15
Apologies for pushing directly to the METADATA.jl repository Douglas Bates 9/16/15
travis 0.3 vs 0.4 David van Leeuwen 9/16/15
METADATA push access limited to Julia committers Stefan Karpinski 9/15/15
Code Release: Gallium.jl - The julia debugger Keno Fischer 9/15/15
serialize function cannot deal with datastructures with loops Steven Sagaert 9/15/15
[Mandelbrot] comparison unfair? Páll Haraldsson 9/14/15
Conflict between Abstract Types of different modules Paulo Roberto de Oliveira Castro 9/14/15
out-of-tree builds Jameson 9/14/15
How are bugs on the RC tracked? David Anthoff 9/14/15
Julia v0.4.0-rc1 released Elliot Saba 9/11/15
libunwind dependency (and OpenBSD) Maurizio Tomasi 9/11/15
goal: RC1 today Jeff Bezanson 9/11/15
how does one get the output of code_llvm (to sort the lines) Jeffrey Sarnoff 9/8/15
Cxx.jl and LLVM build errors Scott Jones 9/8/15
factorial(100) nbecker 9/7/15
Re: [julia-dev] Has std() enough precision? John Myles White 9/7/15
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