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Usage of julia-es logo, is this ok? Ismael VC 6/23/15
proposal: freeze 0.4 soon; short, intense 0.5 "Arraymageddon" release Stefan Karpinski 6/23/15
Generation of .cov coverage files, when running parallel processes Scott Jones 6/22/15
Spurious "" passed as argument to triplequote macro? Scott Jones 6/22/15
[sort-coverage] Remove (again) 6 occurrences of `if step(a::Range{T} == 0`? Ismael VC 6/21/15
Trying to do a `Base.rehash!(s::Set{T})` test. Ismael VC 6/20/15
Julia C++ FFI code release Keno Fischer 6/20/15
broken layout in google groups interface Waldir Pimenta 6/20/15
problem with method matching in IJulia Joachim Dahl 6/20/15
Linear Algebra - Matrix Vector Multiplication Rajath Shashidhara 6/20/15
arrays versus pointers Jutho 6/19/15
Re: [julia-dev] Building Julia from source in Windows Jameson 6/18/15
Owners/Collaborators merging in their own changes to master Scott Jones 6/18/15
Possible optimization for list comprehension using map? catc...@bromberger.com 6/17/15
small feature request concerning string interpolation Steven Sagaert 6/17/15
Contribution Sreenivas Raghavan 6/15/15
Distributed DataFrames André Lage 6/14/15
"Drop ARM and MIPS support" Páll Haraldsson 6/10/15
Building Julia off-line, interaction with utf8proc Scott Jones 6/9/15
DirectIndexString considered harmful.. Páll Haraldsson 6/9/15
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