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Islandora Metadata IG - Mon. 6/13 1-2pm EST Jennifer Eustis 6/10/16
TN datastream not being created Brandon Weigel 6/10/16
Migrating Islandora Collections Micheal Grimard 6/10/16
New committer: Bryan Brown Melissa Anez 6/9/16
Islandora and Fedora 4 Islander User 6/8/16
Islander example VM is read only can make it work Islander User 6/8/16
CLAW CALL minutes: 2016-06-08 nick ruest 6/8/16
Islandora Security Working Group: Call for Convenors and Participants Melissa Anez 6/8/16
Dev-Ops IG call, June 8 Mark Jordan 6/6/16
Getting an attribute from an xml file indexed by solr Shane McCarthy 6/6/16
Trouble getting the basic collection module installed Micheal Grimard 6/6/16
Video Error: "Sorry, no compatible source and playback technology were found" Scott Ziegler 6/6/16
Trippi RDF SPI implementation using SPARQL Update over HTTP Daniel Davis 6/6/16
[EVENT] Islandora Camp MO, Kansas City October 12 - 14, 2016 Melissa Anez 6/6/16
Using Drupal Behaviours to modify islandora Internet Archive Book Reader 6/6/16
Question for heavy-duty islandora_OAI users Brad Spry 6/4/16
OAI - problem harvesting into discovery layer Janice Banser 6/4/16
[URI Management WG] A Hydra Survey on Predicate Problems and Object Obstacles Hardesty, Juliet Louise 6/3/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group notes 2016-06-01 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 6/3/16
general advice Islander User 6/2/16
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