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REMINDER: Register for Fedora Camp in NYC Nov. 28-30 David Wilcox 9/21/16
[metadata ig] URI Management Working Group notes 2016-09-20 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/21/16
7.x-1.8 Release Candidate VM Daniel Lamb 9/20/16
Islandora Roadmap Committee Meeting: September 16th, 2016 Melissa Anez 9/20/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group agenda 2016-09-21 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/20/16
7.x-1.8 Release Candidate Documentation 9/20/16
REMINDER: Fedora User Group Meeting in Switzerland October 7 David Wilcox 9/19/16
Solr error msg Ilana Kingsley 9/19/16
[metadata ig] URI Management Working Group Predicate Decision Tree - feedback requested Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/17/16
Online exhibits/Digital Humanities Alex Kent 9/16/16
Islandora/Drupal moduel testing error Dale Poulter 9/15/16
Call for Proposals: Islandoracon 2017 Islandora 9/15/16
Islandora Webinar: Building workflows with the Drupal Rules Module - Wednesday, September 28 at 12pm EDT Erin Tripp 9/15/16
CLAW CALL minutes: 2016-09-14 nick ruest 9/14/16
Islandoracon 2017 - Call for Workshop Ideas Melissa Anez 9/14/16
DevOps Interest Goup call this Wednesday Mark Jordan 9/14/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group notes 2016-09-07 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/13/16
Reviewing access controls and permissions architecture Daniel Davis 9/13/16
"Search within the book" feature gone in Book Solution Pack for version 7.x - 1.7? Alex Kent 9/13/16
Reminder: Deadline for Auditors coming up Janice Banser 9/13/16
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