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A couple of new tools for creating and ingesting derivatives outside of a production Islandora Mark Jordan 7/25/16
Question about docs- Milestone 6 Ilana Kingsley 7/25/16
Trying to install pdftotext and gs Ilana Kingsley 7/24/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group notes 2016-07-13 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 7/22/16
Islandora Roadmap Committee Meeting: July 22 nick ruest 7/22/16
Recto / Verso Solution Pack? Mark McFate 7/22/16
York University; Digital Assets Support Specialist nick ruest 7/21/16
Islandora AGM - July 21, 2016 Melissa Anez 7/21/16
Islandora CLAW install in VM does not work IslandoraUser 7/21/16
Password Protected Collection Kathryn Schoutsen 7/20/16
CLAW CALL minutes: 2016-07-20 nick ruest 7/20/16
Islandora's New Technical Lead: Daniel Lamb Islandora 7/20/16
xml form issues: appears to be inaccessible? Ernie Gillis 7/19/16
University of Connecticut, Digital Scholarship and Repository Analyst Jennifer Eustis 7/18/16
Drupal 7.50 and the "missing from the file system" warning: Solution slanger 7/15/16
Islandora Metadata IG - July Meeting Cancelled: Call for August Volunteers Amanda Lehman 7/15/16
binary object solution pack appending ".bin" to OBJ downloads Alex Garnett 7/15/16
Islandora book batch preprocess command problem Peter MacDonald 7/15/16
Warning: unsupported audio format (MBWF/RF64) Brad Spry 7/14/16
2016 LITA Forum - Registration Now Open! Paul Go 7/14/16
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