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Creating more viewer support for various solution packs Ernie Gillis 6/26/15
Digital Humanities Solution Pack/Critical Edition Paddy McCann 6/25/15
Islandora Code Club Bryan Brown 6/25/15
Restructuring Top-Level Collections/Hierarchy Phil Suda 6/25/15
REGISTER: DC Area Fedora User Group Meeting October 7-8 David Wilcox 6/25/15
XML Form Builder Error Messages J. Nichol 6/24/15
Islandora Solr facet sort values by index El Santiago 6/24/15
[Fedora 4 IG] Meeting #8 notes nick ruest 6/23/15
constantly bad cross walks between MODS <==> DC and DC <==> SOLR Ernie Gillis 6/23/15
Islandora Metadata Interest Group - Poll for Standing Meeting & Participants Jennifer Eustis 6/22/15
Preservation Interest Group - Meeting 5 - June 22 @ 1pm EST Donald Moses 6/22/15
Today - Metadata IG Meeting 11-12pm EST Jennifer Eustis 6/22/15
Panorama files in Islandora Joanna 6/22/15
Using book solution pack for right-to-left books Lisa McAulay 6/20/15
Issue creating tabs/tab panels in Form Builder that will populate with repeated elements Andrea Briggs 6/20/15
Newspaper SP - Issue Metadata/XML Form Donald Moses 6/19/15
Connecting Fedora and Islandora between seperate servers Erik Beck 6/18/15
[Fedora4 IG] Meeting 08 | June 23, 2015 nick ruest 6/18/15
Fedora/Java: keeping http-8443 resources in check Brad Spry 6/17/15
REGISTRATION IS OPEN for Fedora Camp at Duke University David Wilcox 6/16/15
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