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Advanced search configuration/keyword searching Alex Kent 2/20/15
Islandora Form Fieldpanel as an Islandora Component Ashok Modi 2/19/15
Fedora Works nick ruest 2/18/15
Islandora 7.1.4 and JP2 file retrieval Peter MacDonald 2/18/15
upgrade to 7.1.4 Jennifer 2/18/15
Islandora Form Fieldpanel as alternative to quicktabs for form builder Ashok Modi 2/18/15
MODS datastream in Collection objects Peter MacDonald 2/18/15
fedora+gsearch and solr different server configuration Vikram Adethyaa 2/18/15
no "identifier" element warning Jennifer 2/17/15
Fedora 3 to 4 Migration Survey Results David Wilcox 2/17/15
files zisez Leandro Castro 2/16/15
Library linked data/using Islandora ingest forms to "ping" linked data networks? Alex Kent 2/16/15
Book SP metadata display block nick ruest 2/16/15
No folder icon in collection's description Mehdi Halvaei 2/16/15
Re: [islandora] D7 Islandora Batch Ingest: PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Dup 2/15/15
7.x-1.5 Code freeze -- Feb. 27, 2015 nick ruest 2/15/15
PDF SP from TIFF originals Peter MacDonald 2/13/15
Plain Text Content Model Peter MacDonald 2/12/15
Djatoka and Authorization Brian Harrington 2/11/15
Islandora GIS - A GeoServer Client and Vagrant Environment Updates James Griffin III 2/11/15
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