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[IP finance] South Africa's ASA on the precipice Blogger 4/24/17
[IP finance] The Indie film industry: still looking for its long tail Mike Mireles 4/23/17
[IP finance] EMW Law Firm Releases Information on Fintech Patenting Mike Mireles 4/20/17
[IP finance] Milken Institute: Best Universities for Technology Transfer Mike Mireles 4/20/17
[IP finance] UB3: Uber's New Patent Purchase Program Mike Mireles 4/12/17
[IP finance] Some State Funding for Higher Education in the United States Growing Slightly Mike Mireles 4/11/17
[IP finance] A Couple of New FinTech Resources: GW Survey of Money Transmission Laws and PWC Report Mike Mireles 4/7/17
[IP finance] Preparation for (more) Patent Assertion Entites in Europe: Intellectual Property 2 Innovate Mike Mireles 4/6/17
[IP finance] Recording Industry of America Association Reports U.S. Double Digit Revenue Growth for 2016 Mike Mireles 4/3/17
[IP finance] Good Practices Concerning Intellectual Property Ownership: Articles by Novagraaf Mike Mireles 3/29/17
[IP finance] Trump Proposes to Cut Government Funding for Research Mike Mireles 3/27/17
[IP finance] FRAND licensing: A call for greater transparency Blogger 3/16/17
IP FINANCE BLOG -- Commercialization Activities as Part of the Tenure Process for Academics Mike Mireles 3/8/17
[IP finance] President Trump's 2017 Trade Policy Agenda Released Mike Mireles 3/7/17
IP Finance: John Huntsman and the Commission on the Theft of American IP's New Update Mike Mireles 3/1/17
[IP finance] Lexology Publishes Patent Damages Rules in 16 Jurisdictions Mike Mireles 3/1/17
[IP finance] A Closer Look at CRISPR Patents and Licensing: A More Nuanced Approach Mike Mireles 2/28/17
IP Finance -- US Senate Candidate in California Critical of Bayh-Dole Act Mike Mireles 2/27/17
IP Finance: Public Universities Bringing More Patent Suits and May Be Immune to IPRs Mike Mireles 2/22/17
[IP finance] U.S. Chamber of Commerce Releases 2017 International IP Index Mike Mireles 2/14/17
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