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[IP finance] When a company's future is caught in the generic drug/proprietary drug crosshairs Blogger 1/12/17
[IP finance] Trump on Drug Prices: Pharma/Bio Stocks Drop Mike Mireles 1/11/17
[IP finance] The Trump is Coming to Town: AIPLA Provides an IP Wish List Afro Leo 1/9/17
[IP finance] The Internet of Things: U.S. Copyright Office Releases Report on Software Enabled Products Afro Leo 12/29/16
[IP finance] Facebook to Scoop (?) New Ideas in Partnership with Leading Research Universities Afro Leo 12/28/16
[IP finance] Association of University Technology Managers Releases FY 2015 Highlights Report Afro Leo 12/22/16
[IP finance] Call for IP valuation experts Blogger 12/22/16
[IP finance] "The winner takes it all" (or at least most), productivity and frontier companies: how does IP fit in? Afro Leo 12/19/16
[IP finance] China Sends a Message: Invest in Me Mike Mireles 12/8/16
[IP finance] Patently Faulty and Discredited Smartphone Licensing Cost Figure in Commissioner Vestager's Speech on Excessive Prices Blogger 12/8/16
[IP finance] EU Competition Commissioner Vestager is Wrong to Claim Smartphone Royalties are Excessive and Unjustified Afro Leo 12/8/16
[IP finance] OneTeam Collective: A New University Accelerator to Promote the Use of IP to Develop New Ventures Mike Mireles 12/7/16
[IP finance] UK: Draft Finance Bill changes to patent box - including CSA interests Anne Fairpo 12/5/16
[IP finance] Hotel branding: how peculiar sometimes! Blogger 12/4/16
[IP finance] Fair returns on R&D from SEP licensing with smartphone success and upcoming 5G Afro Leo 11/29/16
[IP finance] UK - Autumn Statement and IP tax Anne Fairpo 11/25/16
[IP finance] Webinar on "The Economic Contribution of IP Rights" Blogger 11/22/16
[IP finance] Can the Donald Keep Up with the EU: EU Tax Reform and Venture Capital Fund Mike Mireles 11/16/16
[IP finance] BRICS IP Forum - London 21/21 November - Discount For Readers Afro Leo 11/15/16
[IP finance] IP & Sustainable Corporate Governance : Part 1 KingIV and IP Afro Leo 11/7/16
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