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[IP finance] HP and 3D Printing: The Next Big Thing or Paper Tiger? Neil Wilkof 4/7/14
[IP finance] Tax relief for British creatives: an improving situation Blogger 4/4/14
[IP finance] FAST, PIPCU and the IWL: encouraging, but not enough Blogger 3/31/14
[IP finance] Looking for a challenge? Here's the Project Hatchling innovation competition Blogger 3/28/14
[IP finance] Patent Trolls Coming Soon to the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry--and a Roadmap? mmir 3/25/14
[IP finance] Trade mark valuation book in need of a reviewer Blogger 3/19/14
[IP finance] How copyright affects mid-20th century works Blogger 3/16/14
[IP finance] Auctioning patent licences of university technology: does it make sense? Neil Wilkof 3/12/14
[IP finance] Reduced Federal Funding and the Decline of University Research in the US mmir 2/28/14
[IP finance] The branding challenge when Aerosmith meets cup of joe Neil Wilkof 2/26/14
[IP finance] A Sensible Approach to the "Patent Troll" Debate in the US mmir 2/21/14
[IP finance] Music Export Growth Scheme: no strings attached? Blogger 2/18/14
[IP finance] Stock Market Reactions to Patent Litigation -- can you help? Blogger 2/18/14
[IP finance] Books, Berkeley and Brazil--even after 500 years, it is still all about distribution: Neil Wilkof 2/12/14
[IP finance] Does -- or should -- expensive rebranding add value to the brand? Blogger 2/6/14
[IP finance] From Barbarians to Beggers at the Gate: Revisiting the Kodak Patent Sale Debacle Neil Wilkof 2/2/14
[IP finance] An Important Webinar: Are Patent Assertion Entities Responsible for the Rise in Patent Suits? mmir 1/31/14
[IP finance] Ingestion without indigestion: a good year for Rightscorp Blogger 1/28/14
[IP finance] A Nice and Not So Naughty List of Top US IP “Wins” mmir 1/27/14
[IP finance] Infringement risk in copyright-intensive industries: It's not what you might think Neil Wilkof 1/16/14
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