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Orgmode users: ob-cfengine3 for executing cfengine policy blocks Nick Anderson 10/4/17
using the storage promise Gregory Matthews 10/4/17
targeting a specific system with a bundle Arne Hoffmann 10/3/17
Eclipse-CFEngineCodeStyle.xml day24 9/29/17
CFEngine BoF at USENIX LISA conference -- Wednesday, Nov 1, 8 - 9 pm Aleksey Tsalolikhin 9/28/17
CFEngine User Group meeting in San Francisco on Sat, Nov 4th, 2017 Aleksey Tsalolikhin 9/27/17
'if'/'ifvarclass' is not defined" 9/26/17
edit_line set_line_based() and double quotes day24 9/25/17
Deploying CHANGING Configurations Todd Erwin 9/22/17
Silly Question about undefined_domain Todd Erwin 9/22/17
cf_surfsara_lib updated with sara_user_consume_resources json setup and examples Bas van der Vlies 9/22/17
splayclass() with custom interval width 9/21/17
Newcomer questions about problems on Windows. Oleksandr Gavenko 9/21/17
When is 'def.json' read? David Lee 9/21/17
Is "cf_null" no longer necessary? David Lee 9/21/17
How to get SHA1 sum of using system tools? Aleksey Tsalolikhin 9/19/17
ConfigManagementCamp Gent 2018 CFP is open! Nick Anderson 9/18/17
yum package mehthod - version field Xander Cage 9/15/17
New release of "Learning CFEngine 3" Diego Zamboni 9/14/17
Translate ppkeys to hostnames. redbeard_m 9/12/17
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