Generic System V Application Binary Interface

Discuss modification and extension of generic System V Application Binary Interface.  The current gABI
draft is at

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Generic ABI extension proposal: address-significance tables Peter Collingbourne 5/25/18
monolithic input section handling 4/24/18
RFC: Audit external function called indirectly via GOT H.J. 3/29/18
relocations into SHF_MERGE sections 3/22/18
hidden visibility query 3/14/18
Proposal for a new section type SHT_RELR Rahul Chaudhry 2/13/18
What integer type should ELF note header have? H.J. 2/6/18
Undefined weak tls symbols Rafael Avila de Espindola 1/23/18
Alignment and sizes of note sections in 64-bit ELF objects H.J. 11/20/17
Recent e_machine assignments from Xinuos ( Francois H. Theron 10/23/17
Requesting ELF e_machine assignment for Netronome NFP (CCed to Francois H. Theron 10/23/17
Re: Garbage collection of SHT_GROUP sections Rafael Espíndola 4/9/17
Rationale for the first phase of section combination Rafael Avila de Espindola 1/9/17
libelf gelf_newehdr and gelf_newphdr return types Mark Wielaard 12/6/16
TLS relocations referencing section symbols Cary 11/29/16
[gABI] RFC: add linker option support to ELF Saleem Abdulrasool 6/4/16
STV_PROTECTED clarification / corrections 4/18/16
Should PIC in relocatable input change the behavior of output? H.J. 2/24/16
Is dynamic symbol table required for executable with only relative relocations? H.J. 2/15/16
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