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Should I have received an upgrade coupon? sgmiller2 8/22/17
Foxtrot 6.0 search delay Sergei Mikheyev 8/16/17
Is it possible to set larger font size for FoxTrot search / search results window? SpivR 8/4/17
FoxTrot Pro 6 memory issues khw77 8/1/17
Can't locate iOS Attache "Neighboring Word" search 7/28/17
Tagging slow Nortical 7/28/17
Re: "Getting started" guide for FoxTrot Pro peer-to-peer indexes? FoxTrot Engineering 7/28/17
The prerelease software has expired (WE HAVE PAID!) thebloopster 7/18/17
unsuccessfully attempting to search DevonThink Pro database Gregory Silverman 7/15/17
It's a paid upgrade -- you'll learn after you install and try to use it John Askins 7/15/17
need help creating 1st index: options grayed out 7/14/17
Why is FoxTrot continuously indexing? Michael Flower 7/12/17
Newbie seeking advice on replacing Spotlight SpivR 7/12/17
User Managment Naboo 7/11/17
Foxtrot Personal - Exclude subfolder(s) Stuart McKnight 7/11/17
PowerMaill: Message Database corrupted by AVG 7/6/17
Don't want the move the files a found in my search. Just copy them Christer Klingborg 7/4/17
Foxtrot6 purchase gb9 7/1/17
Search deleted files - Keep copy on an old index? Cédric Barnet 7/1/17
FoxTrot Professional 6 Purchase 6/21/17
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