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doesn't remember registration Claudia Dose 2/23/17
Indexing Apple Email runs very slowly Robert White 2/20/17
Return results where search term is a folder name or in file path Leah Ford 2/17/17
What is the different between using Unregistered and Registered version of FoxTrot Pro ? 2/13/17
FTPro to Search Journal Citations - Some Thoughts Jeffrey Weimer 2/8/17
About "age" filter(tag) in Foxtrot 2/7/17
Network activity while indexing - why? Scidoc666 2/6/17
Foxtrot Crawler and the Activity Monitor Scidoc666 2/4/17
Fox Trot Losing Indexing Benjamin Grandy 1/24/17
PM6.2 won't collect mail Steve Berlin 1/18/17
Foxtrot update error Franjo Pehar 1/10/17
How to change index location on a Mac 12/16/16
FT Pro 5.7 Ajk Sanders 12/14/16
Foxtrot Attache equivalent for Android smartphone gadebski 12/2/16
FoxTrot & DevonThink Pro Gilles Guerin 11/16/16
Strange behaviour with FoxTrot Pro System Menu evil hinko 10/31/16
Indexing content... About 23 days... evil hinko 10/31/16
Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop Search Results as List Jeffrey Weimer 10/11/16
Sierra Ready? Mark Friedman 9/15/16
Purchasing Powermail 9/10/16
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