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User Managment Naboo 6/26/17
FoxTrot Professional 6 Purchase 6/21/17
Any word on FoxTrot Attaché update? Joel Anderson 6/20/17
Foxtrot6 purchase gb9 6/15/17
Foxtrot Personal and OpenDrive indexing Paul Wilson 6/15/17
I just bought FoxTrot 5 a month ago: am I supposed to pay €123.75 again? Des Bw 6/14/17
6.b6 still can't create Main Index Mark Friedman 5/30/17
[ANN] FoxTrot Search 6.0b6 addresses the renewal of evaluation periods foxtrot-search 5/27/17
[CALL TO ACTION] testing new FoxTrot Search 6.0b5 please foxtrot-search 5/25/17
[ANN] FoxTrot Search version 6 public beta 4 availab… FoxTrot Engineering 5/1/17
[ANN] FoxTrot Search version 6 public beta available for testing and reporting FoxTrot Engineering 4/28/17
Indexing Apple Email runs very slowly Robert White 4/11/17
highlighting proximity searches William F 3/28/17
Better session management? Atlas 3/27/17
Indexing footnotes in Word Jo Duflou 3/18/17
please add an option to hide this panel William F 3/17/17
correction to previous message - highlighting does not work when searching for exact string kridrD 3/16/17
Highlighting search words or phrases no longer happens in latest version kridrD 3/16/17
auto-mount url with spaces William F 3/15/17
Index failing to start, and it's not letting me rebuild Luke Thompson 3/7/17
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