South Puget Sound Up With Down Syndrome Support Group

Welcome to the South Puget Sound Up With Down Syndrome Support Group, a nonprofit organization serving people with Down Syndrome, their families, and friends in the South Puget Sound area.  Please post questions, discussion points, or information related to Down Syndrome in our area, and please do not post anything that you would not want your family to see or that you wouldn't want seen in a newspaper.  We are a family-oriented group hoping to promote awareness and greater integration of people, who happen to have Down Syndrome, in our communities, and we organize an annual nationally recognized BUDDY WALK always on the first Saturday of October.   

Please visit us on facebook and click the 'Liked' and 'following' buttons in the top photo to enable you to see postings and receive important event and discussion information about our Group:    


                                              And here is our Saturday, October 7th, 2017 10th Annual BUDDY WALK site:   












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March 20 meeting on assessments, etc. Becca Brandt 3/2/18
Meeting last night discussing Autism associated with Down Syndrome with references attached Kim 2/21/18
Meeting next Tuesday, February 20 Becca Brandt 2/12/18
Dance in January Becca Brandt 1/5/18
2 things Becca Brandt 1/3/18
Fwd: Downs At Dance Winter 2018 Session Susan Zoccola 1/1/18
Martial Arts start in January Becca Brandt 12/19/17
Fwd: Adults with downs syndome Becca Brandt 12/19/17
Martial Arts starting in January Becca Brandt 12/3/17
Meeting next Tuesday Becca Brandt 11/17/17
November 21 general meeting Becca Brandt 11/4/17
Night to Shine Prom Lucy Hannigan-Ewing 11/1/17
New member Becca Brandt 10/25/17
Fw: BoomShaka!!!! Special Needs Night Brenda Larson 10/6/17
Photos from our first TALENT SHOW last night Kim Brandt 9/16/17
Talent Show Reminder Lucy Hannigan-Ewing 9/16/17
Our Groups Talent Show starts @ 7:00 pm tomorrow & enter through the back door Kim 9/14/17
Buddy Walk Becca Brandt 9/13/17
1st Ever Talent Show Lucy Hannigan-Ewing 9/10/17
Downs at Dance Class Susan Zoccola 8/28/17
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