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DIY Plate Reader Inventoriffic 7/17/15
Re: [DIYbio] Re: Anybody has E.coli lactose operon in a plasmid? SC 7/16/15
A terrible way to clone in a cut site Sebastian 7/16/15
Help getting access to a PDF -- Getting access to papers as Biohackers in general Nico B. 7/15/15
Anybody has E.coli lactose operon in a plasmid? Dorif 7/14/15
The Monsanto Years Jonathan Cline 7/14/15
GoldBio VS. Sigma-Aldrich -- any thoughts? Ryan Hammond 7/13/15
REMzen Sleep Tracking Jeremiah Scott 7/13/15
Free Society Conference Call for Papers Sam Tuke 7/13/15
Identification of Microbiology Cultures Jonathan Bartlett 7/11/15
Help me with your opinion on BioHacking! Henrik Islann Farbøl 7/10/15
BioFoundry Meow-Ludo 7/10/15
Why is my Gluconobacter Agar not sticking to my petri dish? Philipp Kollenz 7/10/15
ssDNA gibson and biobricks Koeng 7/9/15
Gaussia and Cypridina Luciferase vectors Michael Crone 7/9/15
Can anyone tell me what kind of equipment and supplies I would need to look at telomeres in cells? Brad S 7/7/15
Sponsorship & Raising money for iGem Ujjwal Thaakar 7/7/15
Re: [Labchip] Bio-Commons Lab ---> reminder to take your tickets !!!! M Lo 7/3/15
Does anyone know how to inexpensively obtain gluconacetobacter xylinus? Philipp Kollenz 7/2/15
Personal DNA Sequencer Genapsys Jason Bobe 7/2/15
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