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DIY bio inspired comedy heading to this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival Neil Sinclair 7/11/16
DIYbio Australia Andrew Gray 7/11/16
Just got my Cripsr kit RobbG 7/11/16
DIYbio events for the remainder of the week of July 7 balduino 7/10/16
Localized GE or expression. Do you think it is important? Gordana Ostojic 7/10/16
Action Potential Driven Microbial Fuel Cell Design Shambo Hore 7/9/16
IOT, AI, Lab Helpers Andrew Gray 7/8/16
Are there any available reports on electrophoresis accidents? jarlemag 7/7/16
Can I use EcoRI and NheI in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hiro Protagonist 7/6/16
Request for Artificial gene synthesis Shambo Hore 7/6/16
Submission Form for Universal Project Page for Biohackers Mary Ward 7/6/16
Is pearl biotech still a thing? tom a. 7/1/16
Protease-free Bacillus subtilis for protein secretion Koeng 6/29/16
EU Biohackers to visit? itai goldman 6/28/16
Spark training in bay area Info Cim 6/27/16
Shipping Check Cell Samples for PTC Taste Tedt for Extended Family Bryan Daniels 6/23/16
Capillary electrophoresis that I made but can be improved Gordana Ostojic 6/22/16
What are some biotech projects I can do with an Arduino? Rome Robinson 6/20/16
protein consensus sequence recognition site prediction software Hiro Protagonist 6/18/16
BioHTP conference Karen Ingram 6/17/16
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