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Anyone else want to take Intro to CRYO-EM class with me on Coursera? Nathan McCorkle 8/11/15
Any use for RNA secondary structure prediction? (slash help getting started?) Michael Flynn 8/11/15
A Little Help Needed, DIYbio of Twitter Cathal Garvey 8/11/15
Want to work on creating cold resistant wheat John D 8/10/15
anyone working with a MWG/Aviso TheOnyx automated Liquid Handling robot? Tom Hodder 8/10/15
Epigenetic (Bayesian?) Gene Training Cathal Garvey 8/10/15
One way to analyze 23andme raw data Phil_ 8/10/15
Indiebio Accelerator Experience Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 8/10/15
Thunderclap for IndieBio Summer Party Cathal Garvey 8/8/15
Looking for Someone Who Has Bio Lab Knowledge With DNA/Genetics in philadelphia/south jersey area Brad S 8/8/15
What do you think of this idea? phillyj 8/8/15
Anyone at DEFCON? Koeng 8/7/15
Something is Rotten in Denmark Roninlaw 8/7/15
DIYBio in Research Triangle Park, NC Mike Lisanke 8/7/15
help me setup DIY-BIO home Lab to produce Recombinant Factor VIII Sunil Phani 8/6/15
New to this, where do I start. Christopher Barrett 8/6/15
food drink and bio hacking at CCC camp 2015 Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck 8/4/15
DIYbio en Chile? Romina Yáñez 8/4/15
Contamination. Help needed! Cindy GRANDJENETTE 8/3/15
BioCoder Markos 8/3/15
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