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DIYbio events for the week of September 3 balduino 9/3/17
ily1 ily2 antibody ribosome system Greg Westin 9/2/17
Interested in building very cheap equipment for the DIYBio community. Need you guys' input Ralph Blanes 9/2/17
The thought emporium attempt on DNA extraction Ryan Vitug-Gavieres 8/29/17
What products from the-odin are suitable for international shipping? Vincent Mathew 8/29/17
DIYbio Events for the remainder of the week of August 27 balduino 8/27/17
Gram Staining Problems Jonathan Bartlett 8/24/17
Help Needed Setting up a Food Safety Laboratory in The Gambia Nnaceesay Mercier 8/23/17
ob Opportunity & $5k USD mini-grants for open/participatory science with Open Humans gedankenstuecke 8/23/17
Survey - DIYbio interest in ASM's Agar Art project Katherine Sorber Lontok 8/22/17
DIY Laser Microdissection Microscope Neil Holloway 8/22/17
Relocation 8/22/17
Philadelphia, PA Seriously Needs A DIY Bio Lab Frank Carr 8/21/17
DIYbio events for the week of August 20 balduino 8/17/17
plants make vaccines Gordana Ostojic 8/17/17
DIYbio Events for the remainder of the week of August 13 balduino 8/13/17
freeform gelatin microfluidics bostjan 8/8/17 Ryan Vitug-Gavieres 8/6/17
Kickstarter Campaign for Polyfuge: A DIY Open-Source Microcentrifuge for Everyone Jason Wu 8/6/17
Low cost lab equipment (NB fridges/ice machines) Thomas Meany 8/2/17
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