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Opinions on the best 16s and ITS primers & amplification protocols for unbiased microbiome analysis? Emerick Larkin 9/12/16
DIYbio events for the remainder of the week of September 11 balduino 9/12/16
Transcriptional start and stop sites Koeng 9/12/16
Difficult choice kitchen electric furnace for sterilization Lesnikus 9/7/16
Paperfuge Koeng 9/6/16
Whole genome amplification - reporter looking for advice/help Patrick Cain 9/6/16
DIYbio events for the remainder of the week of September 4 balduino 9/5/16
DIYBio Barcelona Open call for the collaboratory Prototyp_ome Kermit Henson 9/5/16
Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 9/5/16
PCR Machine and Reagents for under $100!! WHATTT!!! Josiah Zayner 9/2/16
iGEM Participants (past/current) - Invitation to collaborate for Biotech Research Hallie Knight Hughes 9/2/16
Building a Biohackspace in Munich at TECHFEST Hackathon - Free travel and free tickets Jérôme Lutz 9/1/16
extracting DNA from bacteria Towa 8/31/16
Magnetic stirrer ... Abizar Lakdawalla 8/28/16
Room temperature competent cells Koeng 8/26/16
DIYbio in Heidelberg, Germany ukitel 8/23/16
Thermocyclers and Pipettes for sale Avery 8/23/16
Does NEB send to private individuals? Towa 8/22/16
Agarose gel DNA dye Sina Amoor Pour 8/22/16
Eppendorf 5415 centrifuge: How to remove the rotor? jarlemag 8/20/16
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