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DIY Measure Uric Acid in Blood? Luiz Henrique Rauber Rodrigues 11/17/17
DIY bio in greece em_tsa 11/16/17
DIYBio in Greece YannisV 11/16/17
NCBI GQuery down, or is it just me? Tom Hodder 11/14/17
Amazon unintentionally solves "low cost lab automation device" challenges Jonathan Cline 11/13/17
Ideas for Holiday-Themed Activities Christopher Monaco 11/12/17
are we at the dawn of a self experimentation gene therapy trend? CodeWarrior 11/12/17
Making anaerobic media ErazzyD 11/9/17
DIY lab in India Naresh Rambabu 11/8/17
mapping the microbiome of ... everything! Abizar Lakdawalla 11/8/17
Open OLGA Bioreactor released! Open BioLab Graz 11/8/17
Meetup in Boston at BosLab this Saturday (11/11/17). Timothy Stiles 11/5/17
useful lab instrument display = e-paper? OLED? touchscreen? John Griessen 10/30/17
can anyone help with an assignment on Biohacking MScSci 10/29/17
Where do you get sequencing done Hans Wilms 10/28/17
UAE, Dubai community biolabs? Cas Smith 10/27/17
DIY Medicine Gordana Ostojic 10/26/17
Would some labs here mind giving our IndieGoGo campaign a shoutout on their social media? Rhys Mason 10/24/17
Fast gel electrophoresis - any affordable/open systems? Ra Ramana 10/23/17
Downloading JoVE videos? Patrik D'haeseleer 10/23/17
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