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Phosphorescent PCR dye Gabriele Borelli 5/11/15
BUGSS is hiring a full time Lab/Program Manager shamrock 5/7/15
Where I can buy PCR Master Mix ? Walter 5/6/15
Free Samples? Ryan Gorzek 5/6/15
Anyone going to Synthetic and Systems bio Summer School (SSBSS 2015)? Interested in sharing a room? osazuwa 5/5/15
Help needed: BBC Documentary in need of guidance Sam Francis 5/5/15
Need help with strains and plasmids Alex S. 5/4/15
Biohacking gray hair Mike Petersen 5/4/15
Everyone's Opinion on Offering MTAed Plasmids Josiah Zayner 5/3/15
Need a PDF paper from Nature ­­Alex P 5/3/15
Putting together a team for the synbio accelerator... Building Bioprinters... jem 5/3/15
Biohacker meeting in Brussels (29 April 2015) DIYbio Belgium 5/3/15
have a look inside our lab Pieter Waag 5/3/15
Separate DNA and dgtp Luke 5/1/15
Fwd: [diybio-eu] WG: Biohacking in Asia => Bryan Bishop 4/30/15
Curious about creating glowing plants Bijan 4/29/15
Undergrad looking for some indpendent projects Alan WiIliams 4/27/15
Anyone going to be at BUGGS tomorrow? Sebastian 4/25/15
kill the bacteria in the dinoflagelate's home 陳彥吟 4/25/15
DIYbio fellows in Spain? Paco Gonzalez-Blanch 4/23/15
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