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Genequant questions jarlemag 8/6/16
chloroplast extraction protocole Loïc 8/6/16
Kesar - Affordable biotech equipment Ujjwal Thaakar 8/5/16
Reference. Introduction to Programming for Bioscientists: A Python-Based Primer Jonathan Cline 8/4/16
transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) circuit model Jonathan Cline 8/4/16
Wild-type organisms suitable for plasmid extraction? jarlemag 8/3/16
Downloading JoVE videos? Patrik D'haeseleer 8/2/16
DIYbio events for the week of July 31 balduino 7/30/16
Primer/Oligo Synthesis Companies that sell to individuals for personal use?? Al.K.J 7/30/16
Labs doing research on bioelectronics and bionanowires? Biotech Ryan 7/29/16
Call for expression of interest for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (IF) - 3D Bioprinting bostjan 7/29/16
Freeside Atlanta - Getting rid of equipment we don't have room for, (liquid handling machine) Nathan Burnham 7/28/16
Fwd: [diybio-eu] H2020 funding possibilities... Bryan Bishop 7/27/16
Cheap Lab Equiment at The ODIN Josiah Zayner 7/27/16
Synthetic Eggs? Cory Geesaman 7/27/16
Quickstart guides? Michael Flynn 7/26/16
Cell-Free protein expression Bryan Jones 7/25/16
DIYbio events for the week of July 24 balduino 7/24/16
Using isopropanol in place of ethanol in DNA purification kits? jarlemag 7/23/16
Source for the genetic data of different species? Cory Geesaman 7/23/16
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