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How big is the DIYBio community? #OPENBIOTECH vlog series Pieter Waag 3/22/17
Safely disposing of old cultures? MC 3/21/17
PCR machines super cheap Avery 3/20/17
Anyone ever see electrophoresis where the gel was rolled? Nathan McCorkle 3/20/17
Possible filters for working with fluorescence lisa 3/19/17
EU DIYBio beyond hope, hype and horror - revisited Pieter 3/19/17
Gibson vs SLiCE (single part recommendations) Koeng 3/16/17
Oxalobacter formigenes probiotic suppliers? was: (Re)Becoming Human: what happened the day I replaced 99% of the genes in my body Nathan McCorkle 3/12/17
AgTech startups - interesting conference in San Francisco Bay Area Abizar Lakdawalla 3/12/17
Preferred cheap countertop surface? Nathan McCorkle 3/11/17
Biocuration - Portal For sharing Life science Information Mohammed Iftekhar 3/10/17
DIY Kjeldhal Niek D'Hondt 3/8/17
cheap pH Meter experiences Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 3/7/17
Suggestions for beginner projects? MC 3/7/17
Abstract Submission Bioinformatics Open Source Conference Now Open gedankenstuecke 3/6/17
Fwd:Northern California Society for Microscopy Meeting March 16 (Sunnyvale) Nathan McCorkle 3/5/17
Non-Platinum Electrophoresis Electrodes That Don't Degrade Josiah Zayner 3/4/17
What it takes to CRISPR and stay out of jail in the EU Pieter 3/3/17
Anyone in Bucharest? Pieter Waag 3/2/17
Protocols sharing and standards Ra Ramana 3/1/17
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