DataCite Metadata

Welcome! to this group, which is intended for DataCite members and clients to discuss the DataCite Metadata Schema ( issues connected with metadata submitted to DataCite, as appropriate.

Please use this space to offer suggestions for future versions of the schema, ask questions about the schema, or to contact the Metadata Working Group for any reason.

You may use one of the generic topics below or create a new topic of your choosing.

Note: If you have questions about DataCite's technical underpinnings, please visit the DataCite GitHub page and post a discussion topic there.

Thank you!

--The DataCite Metadata Working Group

NOTE: The Working Group is unable to accept new suggestions for the current release. All submissions after this date will be rolled over to the next release. (Oct. 2, 2015)

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Do you have a suggestion for a new property or function? Please provide a use case and specifics. Joan Starr 8/12/15
Should ResourceType be required? What do you think? Joan Starr 12/9/14
Do you have any questions related to DataCite's metadata or metadata schema? Please details. Joan Starr 6/16/14
Would you like us to add a new selection to a controlled list? Please provide use case, specifics. Joan Starr 5/8/14
COAR Launches Draft “Resource Type” Vocabulary for Open Access Repositories Jochen Schirrwagen 9/22/15
Implementation of <relationType> Elise Dunham 7/26/15
Publisher - research unit or repository Marta Hoffman 6/29/15
Minor issue: Example for Software for "resourceTypeGeneral" Inga Overkamp 6/19/15
Support for data catalogs Tim Austin 5/31/15
Looking for example metadata for datasets under a data embargo Stuart Hungerford 4/23/15
Licensing of dataset vs licensing of content 4/2/15
Crosswak to DataCite Metadata Schema George Duimovich 1/14/15
property for identifying the repository Tim Austin 11/19/14
What version of Solr does DataCite use? Scott Chamberlain 11/5/14
Is highlighting allowed in Datacite Solr searches? Scott Chamberlain 10/24/14
Allow more than 1 nameIdentifier per creator or contributor? Christian Pietsch 9/11/14
Looking for suggestions to help client incorporate species data Cyndie Found 5/22/14
AW: geoLocation-aware search tools? Peters, Sebastian 4/11/14
geoLocation-aware search tools? 4/10/14
PublicationYear Barbara Hirschmann 2/26/14
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