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Welcome to the Crowdsourcing Biology group.  This forum can be used to discuss any topics related to crowdsourcing for biology research and education.  It is also the primary mailing list for the Google Summer of Code program on Crowdsourcing Biology.  If you're interested in GSoC, check out our ideas page, then post your questions/comments/ideas below.  If your comment refers to a particular idea or mentor, please indicate that.   

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New game idea 0 for GSOC 2013: Improving Gene Ontology and Biocuration by Crowdsourcing Annotation Mel K. 4/30/13
Cure Mock Up Karthik G 4/30/13
[GSOC] Open Source Data Collection / Analysis / Visualization Tool Trevor Tomesh 4/30/13
Proposal NUI GSoC Gustavo Jordan 4/29/13
An Idea for GSOC 2013 Mel K. 4/29/13
Idea 1 for GSoC 2013 Arsenii Bochechko 4/27/13
GSoC 2013 with Crowdsourcing Biology Akshay Aurora 4/26/13
Proposal Template Question Victoria Zhong 4/26/13
Proposal for Facebook Version of Dizeez Vijeenrosh PW Vijeen 4/26/13
Issue1 Chinmay Naik 4/25/13
A mockup of Dizeez Facebook Vijeenrosh PW Vijeen 4/25/13
Very Intersted in Idea 2 (Need Mentor's Help) Rahul Gandhi 4/24/13
Error Handling pradyumna reddy 4/24/13
The cure - Interactive decision tree Karthik G 4/24/13
Feedback Chinmay Naik 4/24/13
The Cure -- big picture questions Annie T. Chen 4/23/13
Dizeez Bug - Arbitary Player-Score Forgery Vijeenrosh PW Vijeen 4/23/13
GSOC 2013 Proposal pradyumna reddy 4/23/13
GSoC 2013 4/23/13
example proposals from gsoc 2012 Benjamin Good 4/23/13
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