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Halloween Party @ WeWork SLU Marnee Chua 10/5/15
October Meeting Marnee Chua 10/3/15
Today's meeting = great! Susan Dorsch 9/16/15
RE: [Coworking Seattle] Re: CoWorking Seattle: September Meeting Date/Time davidbard2001 9/8/15
CoWorking Seattle: August Meeting Notes davidbard2001 9/8/15
See you at Startup Hall at 7! Nathan Daum 8/19/15
Monthly Meeting Today Eric Wang 8/19/15
Social Media Management 8/11/15
Annual Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance Survey 8/11/15
Fresh Food Service Startup Looking for customer validation Nathan Daum 8/11/15
Re: [Coworking Seattle] Coworking Week Bowling: Friday, 8/7, 6pm Marnee Chua 8/4/15
Coworking culture conversation Susan Dorsch 7/29/15
Photos for use by the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance 7/27/15
RE: Coworking Week is next week. If you want to participate, please send your input ASAP 7/27/15
Notes and thoughts from the Coworking Social Marnee Chua 7/23/15
Establishing a common Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance Google Drive folder 7/23/15
Looking for low/no-cost furniture and other items for space 7/22/15
Hosting of Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance Meetings 7/22/15
Free events for coworking week? I'm happy to post them in SENSE! Bethany (SEN-SE) 7/22/15
Social at Works Progress tonight! Marnee Chua 7/21/15
Coworking Week Bowling: Friday, 8/7, 6pm Lauren M Grant 7/15/15
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