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Stack Sizes Walter Banks 5:20 PM
imagine forth replacing java and .net in huge telcom polymorph self 3:18 PM
I miss NFA from fig-Forth lehs 3:01 PM
Is win32forth dead ? jim 2:42 PM
if forth on debian is fast and quick results polymorph self 1:15 PM
re usible code vs charles moor write it yourself polymorph self 12:57 PM
if I use pfe or gforth can I get 1% code power? or is that for colorforth only polymorph self 12:47 PM
when stack machine that lets me surf the net? polymorph self 12:31 PM
A lisp compiler in Forth, some questions Albert van der Horst 11:34 AM
1 /STRING vs SNIP 4:36 AM
The implementation of S, in GForth lehs 2:10 AM
Seen at the competition: -modern Albert van der Horst 10/23/16
Did Nikola Tesla invented the Quantum computer? Manuel Rodriguez 10/23/16
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BBC MicroBit has arrived - which Forth in Python is recommended for now? JUERGEN 10/22/16
Gforth snapshot for Windows Bernd Paysan 10/22/16
Moore's tinybasic revisited. Albert van der Horst 10/21/16
Implementing lisp in Forth. Chapter 4. Albert van der Horst 10/21/16
forth as a weapon to make custom app with just waht u need polymorph self 10/20/16
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