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Re: Which scripting for embedded automation? rickman 10:38 AM
can forth do an in memory multi machien data base? polymorph self 10:36 AM
jonesforth: taking up the challenge Albert van der Horst 6:46 AM
Forth programming style... Mux 4:38 AM
JPEG or PNG to bitmap in Forth? Howerd 7/24/15
1000 Scouts to solder together MSP430 Forth systems - a Forth computer each end of July - and planned to connect them all as a 1000 Bit Display on the last day JUERGEN 7/24/15
A functional spreadsheet Ron Aaron 7/22/15
Led strips, led bulbs and smart plugs 7/22/15
How do quotation work, I can not foound them in 20xx Tessa Bonting 7/22/15
Arduino Due - small FORTH Computer - Multitasking Mark Wills 7/21/15
MSP430 Cloning - in contrast to using a programmer JUERGEN 7/20/15
Postfix is Reality Wolf Wejgaard 7/18/15
Has anyone implemented region based memory management in Forth, a practical example would be nice 7/17/15
Aging Computer Nerds Jason Damisch 7/16/15
Quotations Raimond Dragomir 7/16/15
clusterFORTH by Greg Bailey, Dean Sanderson and Elizabeth D. Rather 7/16/15
Chuck Moore TEDx Talk - December 2014 Jason Damisch 7/14/15
local variable grobibi 7/14/15
Number 5 Lives again - sorry it is Forth and Philae JUERGEN 7/13/15
How Computer Scientists Would Design a Toaster Jason Damisch 7/13/15
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