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Double integer input Rosangela Medeiros da Silva 9:47 AM
The extended Eaker-Pelc CASE as general control structure Anton Ertl 9:14 AM
8th 16.03 released: new, improved and backward-incompatible! Ron Aaron 6:39 AM
More data-processing WJ 2:32 AM
Morse code demonstration for rosetta code 2/9/16
Extending the interpreter? lehs 2/9/16
Port of MindForth into Perl submitted to SourceCodeOnLine 2/9/16
Sets in Forth Steve Graham 2/9/16
Ruby/Forth challenge for WJ Chris Curl 2/9/16
Software: It is Expected to Work Doug Hoffman 2/9/16
SYNONYM question Gerry 2/8/16
Standard for substitute? 2/8/16
local variable grobibi 2/8/16
Convert a buffer (of bytes) to a number Ron Aaron 2/8/16
Philae comet probe: World prepares for final farewell Jason Damisch 2/8/16
Forth apps in GForth/Android? lehs 2/8/16
Seeking 'Victor-FORTH' source-code screens from the disks that go with T. Huang's "And So FORTH" revised edition book Buzz 2/7/16
do forth people simply create thier own databases in forth? polymorph self 2/7/16
GForth - quotations in interpretation mode Gerry 2/7/16
Queue in Forth on Rosetta Code 2/6/16
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