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updated atomic and molecular structure code in Forth 6:17 PM
f.rdp in gforth 4:14 PM
Match a string against an array of them using 'reduce' Ron Aaron 3:51 PM
Forth Performance Question Robert L. 2:20 PM
A Start With Forth 2017 – new eBook JUERGEN 11:20 AM
C to Forth (was Ting) Robert L. 10:32 AM
Beginner's Corner - A Start With Forth - update JUERGEN 7/25/17
rosetta code compare list of strings Robert L. 7/25/17
Adding "monitors" Ron Aaron 7/25/17
can forth make a smaller wm than dwm? 2,000 lines of code gavino himself 7/25/17
if you run out of things to do! write a web browser!!!! -CM gavino himself 7/25/17
web browser better than chrome or firefox in forth with 1/1,000th the code? gavino himself 7/24/17
hans-hermann hoppe is as good as yaron brook wow pro capitalism awesome gavino himself 7/24/17
.Re: Faster remove-duplicates with sorted list. Robert L. 7/24/17
.Re: Rosetta code binomial coefficient Robert L. 7/24/17
chuck moore: comptuers are for calculating, not moving data about gavino himself 7/23/17
forth for financial software to replace oracle cancer gavino himself 7/23/17
forth desktop pc in 1% the code! gavino himself 7/23/17
gforth vs awk gavino himself 7/23/17
Tantalizer 482: Lapses from grace Robert L. 7/23/17
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