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Mentifex claims most sophisticated piece of software ever written. 6:49 AM
Special Words in Forth a...@littlepinkcloud.invalid 5:13 AM
why is forth better than haskell lisp ada smalltalk prolog? gavino himself 5/19/18
A JavaScript-complete Postfix Engine web page demo 5/19/18
Copy-pasteable Forth Anton Ertl 5/18/18
'Script' similar to Forth? Elizabeth D. Rather 5/16/18
Implementing loop in Forth clone Liang Ng 5/14/18
Kids learning programming in Forth Luis Mendes 5/14/18
Paging Gerry Jackson Stephen Pelc 5/14/18
Euroforth 2018 Alex 5/14/18
Writing a Forth compiler in C or Go Cecil - k5nwa 5/13/18
Folding is easy Robert L. 5/12/18
Looping constructs (was: Comparison: Beta - Lisp) Robert L. 5/12/18
Once more about calling "high level" words from within ML words (FIG Forth) Zbig 5/11/18
Cartesian product Robert L. 5/11/18
permutations Robert L. 5/11/18
Parsing, Prefixes and POSTPONE JennyB 5/11/18
Help with "the best FORTH assembler ever distributed" needed Zbig 5/10/18
pass in Gforth on a Rpi 5/10/18
Forthification of Web Browser Programming 5/9/18
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