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Tiny semi-tethered Forth idea Paul Rubin 2:18 PM
Why use >r : r> santo ilardo 2:18 PM
Nice lecture on concatenative programming 8:26 AM
ANN: Forth web server with Forth Server Pages now available Rene 5:04 AM
Tree decomposition using primitive tree language 2:41 AM
Marketing Forth programs : prime counting Albert van der Horst 11/17/17
forth seems awesome but can it beat gavino himself 11/17/17
forth desktop pc would replace apple and microsoft gavino himself 11/17/17
The Laws of Graph Composition 11/17/17
forth has to be better than oracle this is ridiculous 11/16/17
32-bit/64-bit Pygmy Forth for Linux, MacOS, Windows Frank Sergeant 11/15/17
1802 microFORTH David Schultz 11/15/17
Rosetta: Abbreviations, simple Robert L. 11/14/17
P12 Robert L. 11/14/17
microservices sounds like scma to me, like agile, devops, java oo gavino himself 11/14/17
Why not a forth desktop pc with forth web browser? gavino himself 11/14/17
string splitting problem Robert L. 11/14/17
Naming konvention question Andreas Klimas 11/13/17
Is there an advantage to Forth dictionary restructuring? Rod Pemberton 11/13/17
When someone says this is standard I KNOW ITS BULLSHIT 11/13/17
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