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Gigabot repair and upgrade to ramps Lorin Edwin Parker 9:00 AM
Polar 3D minor nozzle clog. Lorin Edwin Parker 8:33 AM
Digikey order on Friday Joseph Sikorski 10/9/15
Learn to solder supplies BradmanOH 10/9/15
Books by the Banks volunteers Michael Horwath 10/9/15
No parking Dustin 10/7/15
Last Call - MakerFest this saturday, oct 10, 10a-3p Marcus 10/7/15
Electrical test equipment on purgatory shelf. Ryan 10/6/15
Open area warden positions Jon Neal 10/6/15
3mm fillament at hive Kevin Schuler 10/5/15
Ultimate Lazor! Bill 10/5/15
Water from above BradmanOH 10/4/15
On loan Marvin 10/3/15
Fronk's van broken into Brent 10/2/15
Possible air filter? Jon Neal 10/1/15
Open workspace Jon Neal 9/30/15
cleveland make/hackspace? Nancy Graven 9/30/15
MakerFest Oct 10, 2015 Marcus 9/30/15
Mill Z Axis digital readout (it's alive) BradmanOH 9/30/15
Hive13 learn to solder badges Dave B. 9/29/15
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