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Wood Lathe - Tooling Additions Dave Velzy 7:02 AM
Vacuum Former - Raw Material for first trials Dave Velzy 10/17/17
Weekly meeting Brad Walsh 10/17/17
[CHP] Nancy Graven 10/16/17
Borrowing clamps Mike Nute 10/16/17
Books by the Banks signups Brad Walsh 10/16/17
Not going to make it down to Hive for cleaning and open house Russel Clem 10/14/17
Meeting tonight BradmanOH 10/12/17
Vote for Learn to Solder supplies BradmanOH 10/11/17
New Waterjet targeted for Hackerspace Jim 10/11/17
Hive13 facebook Brent 10/9/17
blink Cincinnati event this week Brent 10/9/17
[ CHP] Glass bead making/lamp working Demo/Class - all day!! Nancy Graven 10/9/17
[CHP] Makerfair signup Nancy Graven 10/8/17
Leak check Nancy Graven 10/8/17
3d printer filament Kerensa Juniper 10/7/17
trebuchet Mike 10/7/17
Borrowing Elly 10/5/17
Learn to solder boards Dave B. 9/29/17
Fwd: [H13LEAD] Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2017_Participant Instructions Brad Walsh 9/27/17
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