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Vote for vacuum pump(s) for the vacuum former BradmanOH 8/22/17
Weekly Meeting BradmanOH 8/22/17
Table saw blade changed and spares taken for cleaning Russel Clem 8/19/17
high vacuum pump for vacuu-form Lorin Edwin Parker 8/19/17
Car Rescue/Engine Hoist help? Nancy Graven 8/18/17
How to post to the main page? John2pt0 8/17/17
Help with cnc tonight possibly "wed" 16th Kevin Schuler 8/16/17
Big CNC BradmanOH 8/16/17
Purgatory 8/15-8/22 Greg Arnold (COO) 8/15/17
Vote: Budget for Virtual Hosting Ian Blais 8/15/17
Air tank vent Brad Walsh 8/15/17
Learn to Solder 2017 Lorin Edwin Parker 8/14/17
Table saw cleaned and lubricated Russel Clem 8/13/17
Cleanup of Metal Shelves (In Progress) Tim Wagner 8/12/17
Put bad belt sander in purgatory Russel Clem 8/12/17
Shapeoko Axes Adjusted Russel Clem 8/12/17
Great CNC CAM software Brian 8/12/17
Antique Machinery Show 8/12/17
Second Saturday Cleanup Tim Wagner 8/12/17
Please be sure the doors are closed. Ryan 8/12/17
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