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Electronics area update: Chemicals, Desolder Station Lorin Edwin Parker 11:39 AM
New items at the hive Kevin Schuler 7/23/16
Annual meeting potluck/cookout Elly 7/23/16
2016 Annual Elections - Absentee Voting​ Reminder Ian Blais 7/23/16
Addl' obsolete phone hacking need -- SIP voip hardware Lorin Edwin Parker 7/23/16
Fab Lab Calipers Ryan 7/22/16
Geeks and Depression/Anxiety Support Group Discussion and Meetups chris 7/22/16
Computer workstation removal on Saturday, be prepared Lorin Edwin Parker 7/21/16
desktop hero kickstarter Mike 7/21/16
CNC VCarve 8.5 update? John2pt0 7/21/16
Please clean up after your feces Lorin Edwin Parker 7/20/16
Info on drive cloning software Kevin Schuler 7/20/16
New Spindle/Disk Sander Coy Paeltz 7/20/16
2016 Annual Elections - Absentee Voting Ryan 7/20/16
Ultimaker extruder clogged Daniel McNamara 7/20/16
Shell Server Decommissioning - 1 Week Warning Ian Blais 7/19/16
Barrowed book James Willey 7/19/16
Belt sander purchase vote Ryan 7/19/16
Annual Meeting and Elections Elly 7/19/16
Motion to table bylaws ammendment and set a special meeting in 3-6 months under new board Lorin Edwin Parker 7/19/16
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