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3 phase UDchemist 12:43 AM
More desktops UDchemist 12/6/16
Jointer is now tuned up! Andrew 12/6/16
Meeting tonight BradmanOH 12/6/16
Large CNC - Mach 3 - Spindle Rates Timothy Gregg 12/6/16
Do we still have black pipe from air pipe install Lorin Edwin Parker 12/6/16
Free 4x6' sheets of plexi -- should I nab em' ? Lorin Edwin Parker 12/6/16
Large CNC - Spoil Board Timothy Gregg 12/6/16
Anybody want some empty broken down cardboard boxes? Andrew 12/6/16
Super Mini Woodworking Lathe Andrew 12/6/16
Day glow acrylic scraps? Jamie J 12/5/16
Dead mouse Jamie J 12/5/16
Standing rock shelter project UDchemist 12/4/16
New Wood Lathe Tool Holders Andrew 12/4/16
Plotters for free Alex MacDonald 12/4/16
Fasteners are in BradmanOH 12/3/16
Large Project Organization and Misc Wood Piles Andrew 12/2/16
Woodshop Router Table Currently Under Repair Andrew 12/2/16
Cinci2600 This Friday 12/2 @7pm (xpost to Cinci2600) chris 12/2/16
Proposal - Remove 2nd Non-working CNC and Extra Plywood by Dec 31st. Andrew 12/2/16
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