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Scroll saw on Loan Daniel McNamara 4/23/15
Started work on Hive13 Bootstrap Theme Joseph Sikorski 4/23/15
ISA Network Card Barry Kimball 4/22/15
Dado Blade Set Elly 4/20/15
Power series racing: New challenger Mike 4/20/15
Pudding Pops Nancy Graven 4/19/15
Kitchen fridge clearout by kitchen warden. Nancy Graven 4/19/15
Free car hitch Mike 4/19/15
Oxford Kinetics Festival this sunday Nancy Graven 4/15/15
PLA filament for the space usage Julien Morand 4/14/15
Power Series Racing Needs You! Jim Shealy 4/13/15
Purgatory for April Jon Neal 4/13/15
[Up For Grabs] Broken Tektronix 465 w/DMM module Charles Jeffries 4/13/15
[CHP] Reminder: Hive13 Movie Night this Saturday!! Nancy Graven 4/12/15
Board meeting this Monday Jon Neal 4/11/15
new edition of The Art of Electronics due out soon Brent 4/10/15
need to order component on digikey/Mouser Julien Morand 4/9/15
free CAMBAM license discount for member and comparison Julien Morand 4/8/15
Fwd: First Batch is looking for applicants! Dave Menninger 4/8/15
hive13 in the parade Mike 4/8/15
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