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Bylaw Revisions/Additions Vote: Open Forum September 27, 2016 8:30pm - Special Meeting October 11, 2016 7:30pm Elly 9/28/16
Makerfaire exhibit and volunteers Elly 9/28/16
First Saturday Cleanup - 10/1/2016 Elly 9/28/16
call for instructors for classes UDchemist 9/28/16
CNC computer is down Coy Paeltz 9/28/16
Short meeting about Makerfaire Elly 9/28/16
Proposed update to Warden Addendum Greg Arnold (COO) 9/27/16
Electronics Lab Proposal and Vote Lorin Edwin Parker 9/27/16
It's not as bad as it looks.. Ryan 9/27/16
Firefox error on website Andrew 9/25/16
Air compressor lever broke Dustin Bruce 9/25/16
Laser nozzle BradmanOH 9/24/16
Vote on Tuesday 9/27 for Mach3 and Pendant Elly 9/24/16
Hive Game Night Sept 30th 9/23/16
Big Laser down Dustin Bruce 9/22/16
Help / suggestions needed for 3D printer heated bed power supply. Lorin Edwin Parker 9/22/16
Fwd: Reminder for Introduction to Fusion360 UDchemist 9/22/16
Wiki Wishlists? Andrew 9/22/16
Fusion360 Class Question Tim 9/21/16
September Purgatory Greg Arnold (COO) 9/20/16
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