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Thermal paste and small heatsinks Kevin Schuler 3:04 AM
Well WES 51 soldering station missing Lorin Edwin Parker 10/20/16
Sidebar topics: continuing education stuffs 10/20/16
Bylaw Revisions/Additions Vote: Open Forum September 27, 2016 8:30pm - Special Meeting October 11, 2016 7:30pm Elly 10/20/16
digikey order Dave B. 10/20/16
MIG down... Dave B. 10/20/16
upcoming classes and certifications! UDchemist 10/19/16
Back Burner Bonanza: Roland 10/19/16
Photo from "Assembling and Painting Miniatures for the Complete Beginner" Hodapp 10/19/16
Shapoko2 James Willey 10/19/16
cnc Collets and endmills UDchemist 10/19/16
call for instructors for classes UDchemist 10/18/16
Big laser Kevin Schuler 10/18/16
Third Tuesday pizza problems Ryan 10/18/16
Fwd: [H13LEAD] LVL1 Louisville Halloween Sumobot tourney and Hackathons UDchemist 10/18/16
Castings possibilities 10/18/16
Everything you ever need in life... is already being thrown away by somebody else 10/18/16
Woodworking vise now on the assembly table Andrew 10/18/16
Request for Comments (RFC) Hive Woodworking Bench Andrew 10/17/16
Reprap 3d printer Andrew Glass 10/17/16
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