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SAARC is a joke! Give it a different name and drop Pakistan! DeEldar 9/27/16
Ethics taking back seat to science Khoniker Othithee 9/27/16
One of the greatest sign for the non Muslims retained in the earth. Razzak Syed 9/27/16
You are invited to attend the Annual SHEBI Event to be held on Sunday, Nov 13, starting at 12:30 Firoze Khan 9/27/16
Clown trump smaced !! Khoniker Othithee 9/26/16
Re: BEN meeting demanding Rampal's switch to gas Rezaul Karim 9/26/16
Bangladesh: Political and Administrative Reforms Badiuz Khan 9/26/16
Re: {GRP} Re: [issuesonline_worldwide] Stories India’s Kashmir Experts Don’t Tell msa40 9/26/16
Harvard discussion on "Governance for Development: Political and Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh" Badiuz Khan 9/26/16
India & Pakistan Beyond Border...... N.E. AL 9/26/16
Bangladesh: Governance for Development @Harvard CGIS Nurul Kabir 9/25/16
Fwd: FW: harvard seminar date Nurul Kabir 9/25/16
A Vocal Concert by Antara Pal..... N.E. AL 9/25/16
Re: Angela Merkel: Angel of Mercy or Agent of Destruction DeEldar 9/25/16
First fix the types, layers and destination of lg in Bangladesh hakikul chowdhury 9/24/16
Re: {PFC-Friends} 'Bangla' is also ours DeEldar 9/24/16
BREAKING NEWS: মালয়েশিয়ায় গ্রেপ্তার - শিবির ক্যাডার থেকে জঙ্গি নেতা আকাশ Mannan Sarkar 9/23/16
Bengali Night BANE BANE 9/23/16
THE MAGIC BANK ACCOUNT - a recycled text Firoze Khan 9/23/16
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