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Hello, and welcome to the Bangalore Ruby Users Group. 

We've had trouble with spam in general and recruiter spam in particular in the past, so we have some simple guidelines:

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Job posting guidelines Sidu 5/6/11
Book Released by our very own Saurabh Bhatia Satish N Kota 4/20/14
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::Error: ERROR: null value in column "id" violates not-null constraint Chezhian 007 4/19/14
April Meetup @_swanand 4/18/14
Code Retreat with Venkat @ Multunus Leena 4/16/14
[ANN][XPOST] Invoicing - 1.0.0 released iffyuva 4/16/14
[ANN] Invoker - 1.1.0 released Hemant Kumar 4/14/14
Devise - sign in token as JSON Shanmugavel A 4/9/14
[Bangalore RUG] [ANN] rpbundle - Gemfiles for ruby-processing sketches Emil 4/7/14
Job Posting Guidelines for BangaloreRUG Satish N Kota 4/3/14
Need of top notch Rails dev's Divya Sundarrajan 4/3/14
Senior RoR developer at Bang the Table [JOB] Nikhil 4/2/14
Delhi NCR Ruby Next Meetup on 26th April, 2014 Pravin Mishra 4/1/14
Failed to start sphinx Loganathan Sellappa 4/1/14
[ANN] Simple rspec mode for running specs from Emacs Hemant Kumar 3/29/14
Mysore Ruby User Group - April Meetup. Krishnan 3/27/14
[crosspost] User Authentication between Wordpress and Rails app Hameed 3/27/14
rubyconf india ticket arun vydianathan 3/18/14
An exciting Ruby Conference 3/17/14
[ANN] Ember.js Bangalore meetup group Dheeraj Kumar 3/17/14
10 years of Rails + 4.1 Launch Party. Vipul A M 3/17/14
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