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android-building is for discussion of building the AOSP distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.

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OSX AOSP fails with segv in dex2oatd Tom Gall 7/31/17
Nexus 5X Paranoid Android "make otapackage -j6" Fails - Ninja Error Nate Robbins 7/30/17
Bluetooth not working on Nexus Player (fugu) with AOSP build Jesus Sanchez-Palencia 7/29/17
signature mismatch on core apps AOSP build using test keys Michael Arthur 7/29/17
Build a goldfish 3.18 kernel for Android emulator Shayan Pakzad 7/28/17
How to distribute AOSP images Jon 7/28/17
Unable to run emulator after building AOSP Md.Abdul Baset Sarker 7/24/17
Error trying package a OTA Chihau Chau 7/21/17
Android 8.0 source code build error “xxx” depends on undefined module “libxxx” tang jie 7/20/17
Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow MR2 Released Xin Li 7/17/17
Build targets Yile Ku 7/17/17
Adding Pre-built .apk Error Permission Denied 7/17/17
VTS: Copy files to testcases directory 7/11/17
GPL projects for Android O Preview 3 Bill Yi 7/5/17
android-7.1.2_r12: prebuilts/misc/linux-x86/bison/bison: No such file or directory Eliot Stock 7/5/17
Why can we not change Global Cflags anymore? Jimmy Xiao 7/3/17
LOCAL_IS_STATIC_JAVA_LIBRARY dose not get cleared Benq Xier 6/29/17
android-7.0.0_r1 build error, external/doclava, openjdk-8 James Muir 6/27/17
GPL projects for Android Wear O Preview 3 Xin Li 6/23/17
how do I include specific values folder in the android build as resources using the file Jhon 6/22/17
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