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Compiler and library versions to build Android 4.0.3 Tomislav Medved 4/22/14
AOSP 4.4 Build Error - Missing File Surface_jni.h Adam 4/22/14
Run on device (Prestigio MultiPad 7.0 Ultra+) Чингиз Шакенов 4/21/14
Upgrade From ICS4.0 bootloader to JB4.3 bootloader in an OTA Dave S 4/19/14
Have run "repo sync" command for building rom since Monday. Is that strange? Dexter Moregan 4/18/14
Builind problem pushpendra singh 4/16/14
Building SDK error from Gingerbread 2.3.7 on Unbuntu 12.04 van hung 4/15/14
Building Android KitKat on 32 bit machine(ubuntu 10.04) Pradeep VR 4/15/14
Nexus4 - successful build of JellyBean on Snow Leopard - now what? James Short 4/14/14
Compile errors on Ubuntu 10.04 (Android 4.0.3) Tomislav Medved 4/13/14
Building on latest version of Mac Roman Mazur 4/9/14
Progaurd error while using jackson libraries in my app in AOSP. shridutt kothari 4/8/14
Have run "repo sync" command for building AOSP Rom since Monday. Is that strange? Dexter Moregan 4/7/14
Building Nexus/ (tilapia) kernel from source Domenico Pastore 4/4/14
EMMA_INSTRUMENT Senthil R 4/2/14
building for pandaboard ES Tony Jones 4/2/14
BUILD_MULTI_PREBUILT to modify its default "LOCAL_MODULE_PATH" Junji Shimagaki 4/2/14
what is the purpose of different cross compilers in AOSP? sithruk sana 4/1/14
error while build win_sdk sr 4/1/14
when build on OS X 10.9 return this error in QTMovieMedernizer.h:162 he song 3/31/14
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