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craigslist: Fender Vibrosonic Reverb Amp - $600 (Downtown) nevo 6/23/16
Dusky Ad Chris Rossi 5/29/16
Tuners for Univox Hi-Flyer bass Chris Rossi 5/3/16
Next week Chris Rossi 4/5/16
An Even Better D₂O Amplifier Chris Rossi 4/1/16
Re: [amp-nerds] Digest for - 7 updates in 1 topic Buddy 3/19/16
local speaker repair nevo 3/17/16
Video help Chris Rossi 3/16/16
Seldom Asked Questions: What does an Octave Fuzz Do? Chris Rossi 2/15/16
G&L SC-3 Graham Cox 12/8/15
Aluminum neck Chris Rossi 10/29/15
guitorgan? Graham Cox 9/7/15
Nerd Alert: Guitar applications for CMOS logic Chris Rossi 8/31/15
free SE-1 chassis and parts Graham Cox 8/8/15
items for sale Graham Cox 8/4/15
upcoming show (tomorrow!) Graham Cox 4/29/15
Toasted Drive boards Chris Rossi 4/14/15
Amp Nerds Social Chris Rossi 2/20/15
cool AMPEG J12-T JET II AMP needs speaker TRADE OR SELL - $275 (chapel hill) nevo 2/19/15
Re: free guitar cabinet speakers (Durham) nevo 8/10/14
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