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Datomic is good enough Bill 7/10/15
kafka for distributed databases Bill 7/9/15
AwDb vs Datomic Bill 7/8/15
AwDb explained by Datomic Bill 7/8/15
Datomic and AwDb are amazingly similar Bill 7/8/15
metadata Bill 7/3/15
Going well Bill 7/3/15
great talk on datomic Bill 7/2/15
very similar to awdb: datomic Bill 6/30/15
new repository Bill 6/30/15
utils reorganized Bill 6/30/15
What is the AgileWiki Database? Bill 6/30/15
Busy on an OODBMS for utils Bill 6/30/15
JCTools - Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM monster 6/29/15
Fwd: [JActor2] Can't find jactor2 in maven repository (#244) Bill 6/21/15
Taking the database to the next level Bill 6/18/15
Re: monadic transactions Bill 6/10/15
Java Micro Frameworks: The New Trend You Can’t Ignore Maboa 6/10/15
Data, context and interaction monster 6/5/15
possibly interesting raould 6/5/15
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