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This group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for Oracle JDeveloper ADF enterprise development.
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Conditions of posting to the ADF EMG Chris Muir 4/2/13
Check out the ADF EMG services for members Chris Muir 2/11/13
UTF-8 encoding in ADF applications Torsten Kleiber 4/18/14
Use of « the sum of the parts” architecture with UIShell with a great number of BTFs david.darte 4/15/14
"I am an accessibility engineer" - watch this space Chris Muir 4/14/14
eBook on Oracle Cloud Applications Simplified UI Ultan Ó Broin (Oracle Applications User Experience 4/12/14
Housekeeping - welcome to Jean-Marc Chris Muir 3/28/14
Best Practices for Online-Offline ADF Solution Nikhil 3/27/14
Kscope 14 is the only conference to feature ADF, ADF Mobile, and Fusion -- Save $300 before Early-Bird Registration closes! johnjayking 3/26/14
Looking for experiences with virtualised development workstations Wilfred van der Deijl 3/21/14
ADF Essentials on Clustered Glassfish server Ramesh 2/27/14
Browser Back Button Support in ADF Application. rakesh.adf 2/24/14
ThoughtWorks Radar/ JSF on Hold frpko 2/23/14
Reg: Deployment Of Application manohar.27888 2/21/14
[ADF EMG] Does anybody ever used workflow engine in ADF project? hxshi 2/13/14
ADF Mobile and IDM Stack Integration Saif Kamaal 2/12/14
Methods in ADF to get "TABLE NAME: threw no table exists or no privs message" Jimmy 2/7/14
Oracle ADF architecture training in India March 11th-14th Chris Muir 2/3/14
Any examples of ADF Essentials applications? Sten Vesterli 2/3/14
Which mocking framework do you use. Harry van Oosten 1/22/14
ADF Skill Level Sten Vesterli 1/20/14
ADF EMG New Member 2013 Survey Results Chris Muir 1/20/14
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