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capcha audio challenges give no sound, how to fix John Covici 9/17/15
account recovery form barely accessible John Covici 9/17/15
Google ChromeVox - Can I disable it when I don't want it? C Freeman 9/14/15
YouTube video in English, with automatic captions in Russian?? calmansi 9/14/15
Google Chrome still can't be downloaded by JAWS users T 9/13/15
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Google Translate Requests Dana Mulvany 9/10/15
Updated Gmail App Continues to have Bug Related to Message Body in iOS 9/8/15
Can't publish captions to YouTube Michael Lockrey 8/28/15
In Jaws Samantha Johns 8/28/15
Please help! Is Google Docs and Google Slides Accessible Screenreaders Samantha Johns 8/27/15
how to use Watsup in PC? ganesh reddy 8/27/15
Help? NVDA way too chatty lately Ann 8/25/15
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