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Suggestion for docs, allow for automatic column title reading Mike Reiser 3/4/15
new google contacts Katty Geltmeyer 3/4/15
Long Send/Receive dialog box time Johnzy 3/3/15
Docs feedback, verbose feedback is given even with braille support enabled. Mike Reiser 3/3/15
bug with NVDA and typing in google dox paras shah 3/3/15
google dox and spell check paras shah 3/2/15
Announcing Google Docs, Drive, Slides and Sheets Getting Started Videos for screen reader users Roger Benz 2/28/15
Re: Abridged summary of - 9 updates in 2 topics Jake Joehl 2/25/15
Gmail access by POP3 T 2/25/15
Update to Youtube Fixes VoiceOver Bugs on iOS Reckless Player 2/24/15
Behavior of Voiceover Cursor in GMail for IOS Chancey Fleet 2/22/15
Google Maps not working for screen reader users (Not Found) T 2/19/15
Fix mobile usability issues found T 2/17/15
Accessibility Markup for many logos on a single page douglas farrick 2/12/15
Chrome book keyboard. 2/12/15
Google Sites accessibility T 2/12/15
Problem with the Google Groups for Deaf-Blind owner/manager Johnzy 2/10/15
Issue 439695 - chromium - Accessibility: VoiceOver unable to access the "HTML content" of Chrome. Bryan J. 2/6/15
Low-contrast between visited and unvisited links in Google Search Laurence Marks 2/6/15
Re: Abridged summary of - 5 updates in 4 topics Jake Joehl 2/4/15
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