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Democrats Lie About Guns Joe Bruno 3/10/17
I got this feeling that Samsung is watching me. Yuge Rabbit 3/9/17
Hilary Clinton is An Antisemite Joe Bruno 3/9/17
See The Lies of the Bigots Debunked Joe Bruno 3/8/17
Karl Marx Did Not Invent Socialism Joe Bruno 3/8/17
Holocaust Evidence Joe Bruno 3/7/17
Some Kind Of A Forum Seems To Be A Real Hoot ROOS55 2/15/17
Why did that hysterical fairy KeithinTampa cut me off? Berg 2/6/17
Back from Africa...... Irie 2/5/17
Looks like the groping trolls are down and out. Rebel 2/5/17
Agreed, I think it's a bit strange that Ewe's dad gives better head then his mom. Kamakazee 2/1/17
Wants ACA, needs ACA, will go down in flames without it........ ImStillMags Mags 1/31/17
Trump's Little Hands Meets Obama's Tiny Penis. Yuge Rabbit 1/25/17
Dan Rather ImStillMags Mags 1/21/17
Rinsey "warned" ethics chief.... ImStillMags Mags 1/17/17
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Some Bikers for Trump bought tickets for Hamilton mark 12/23/16
So, This is Christmas �� Merc 12/23/16
Sal Lo Navybrat 12/22/16
You say goodbye, I say hello. Kamakazee 12/22/16
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