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Walker saving dollars for WIsconsin Rebs1623 3/3/15
Scott Walker Says He Would Sign Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks Herman Adler 3/3/15
Bellingham and Boulder....twin cities in a lot of ways. ImStillMags Mags 3/3/15
House Finally Passes DHS Funding Bill, John Boehner Now In Witness Protection ImStillMags Mags 3/3/15
Slimy walker: The Gift That Keeps on Giving....Channeling Asshole ray-gun on Unions Ragnar 3/3/15
Ruh Rho: Netanyahu’s Favorability Ratings Best Obama Kamakazee 3/3/15
Has Anyone Seen Mark Lately? Lobo 3/3/15
It's time to sign off... Navybrat 3/3/15
Netanyahu claimed in 2011 (also delivered to a joint session of Congress) that Israel didn’t need America to defend it because “we defend ourselves” Euwe 3/3/15
Grouchy Tiger Hiding Dragon Euwe 3/3/15
"Bottoms Up"? SURELY She Does Not Think We Are Fooled. BEZARK 3/3/15
US Aid to Israel.......here, learn something...how do they buy so many weapons????? ImStillMags Mags 3/3/15
Mr. Netanyahu’s Unconvincing Speech to Congress Herman Adler 3/3/15
If You Happen To Notice PJ "Ma" Barker Starting To Put On Airs, Please Let Me Know BEZARK 3/3/15
I Love Seeing More And More Americans Getting Sick Of Likudist Israel BEZARK 3/3/15
Stunning. Love to see this in person ImStillMags Mags 3/3/15
Bernie to Bibi ImStillMags Mags 3/3/15
Why do we do this? xtal97 3/3/15
LOL ImStillMags Mags 3/3/15
Congress as Viagra gone bad. ImStillMags Mags 3/3/15
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