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This should be filed under "Poor Wisconsinites" (Boy are you paying for your sins, in triplicate) Justice 2:53 PM
Brisbane, Australia, hits coldest temperature in 103 years lew 1:35 PM
Do unto others......suffer the little children to come unto me...........just words? ImStillMags Mags 1:27 PM
Magsie said she won't respond to my threads because they are too right. She has no logical replies. - Sort of. lew 1:25 PM
Restaurant service today versus 10 years ago. This is eye opening. ImStillMags Mags 11:58 AM
"All the better to manipulate you, my dear......" ImStillMags Mags 11:32 AM
Love him or hate him, he's got a point. ImStillMags Mags 9:54 AM
Exclusive: Border Patrol Warns MS-13 Using Nogales Processing Center as Recruitment Hub lew 9:52 AM
Black American from Gang-Besieged Baltimore: 'Where Can I Get Asylum?' lew 9:01 AM
BETTER? Have populations of Honduras. Guatemala,El Salvadore All Move To U.S. OR Change their Governments? lew 9:00 AM
What a crackerjack group - xtal97 8:23 AM
J pod and some of L pod, our 'resident' Orcas ImStillMags Mags 8:20 AM
Train story ImStillMags Mags 7:03 AM
Eisenhower ImStillMags Mags 6:38 AM
Cool! ESPN's Body Issue CaliforniaLuis 5:41 AM
Wallpaper worthy pictures ImStillMags Mags 5:36 AM
The Democrats' War on Children lew 3:58 AM
Obama administration supports compromise on Assad chemical weapons plants (WHY ???) lew 3:44 AM
Where can an Inner City AA find refuge in Chicago??? jgg1000a 3:05 AM
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