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something's got to give ImStillMags Mags 9:40 AM
meet Caitlyn Jenner plainolamerican 9:32 AM
Simmer down already! ObamaCo says we're whuppin' ISIS, dammit. Kamakazee 8:06 AM
Yomana says he doesn't use divisive politics mark 7:45 AM
Right wing darling David Brooks ImStillMags Mags 7:39 AM
World Congress Of Families: Contraception Bringing 'Death,' 'Extinction' Of Humanity Ragnar 7:11 AM
who is the world's most warmongering country? plainolamerican 6:40 AM
Hands Down, Americans (of the Conservative Flavor) Are the Most Hateful People In the World CaliforniaLuis 6:37 AM
How the TPP Amounts to a Corporate Takeover Ragnar 6:35 AM
Guy Who Incited Anti-Islam Rally in Phoenix Wants $10 Million in GoFundMe Page Herman Adler 6:35 AM
With each appearance Hill's numbers go limp. 57% of people now say she isn't honest or trustworthy. Kamakazee 6:26 AM
Margaret Sanger quote mark 5:56 AM
Jeb Bush Ignores 9/11 By Saying His Brother’s Top Success Was "Protecting The Homeland" Lobo 5:44 AM
Another hollyweird/clooney box-office bust mark 5:20 AM
Caitlan poses as a "WOMEN"? Euwe 5:14 AM
we complain about poverty and insult the poor ImStillMags Mags 4:38 AM
Cleveland: In the wake of this top to bottom Democrat city's genocide against blacks ,,,, Occupy_This 3:38 AM
More Republican Stupidity From Wisconsin CaliforniaLuis 6/1/15
GOPer States Punish And Humiliate Low-Income Residents For The Sin Of Being Poor Lobo 6/1/15
Since tards hate tobacco so much, why not outlaw it? mark 6/1/15
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