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My new favorite hashtag Merc 6/10/16
Elizabeth Warren Merc 6/10/16
End of the corrupt DNC and GOP Merc 6/10/16
Lawsuits might end Hillary's run Merc 6/9/16
There's a movent going on.... Merc 6/9/16
Trump has my vote Merc 6/9/16
Help Us Put Jill Stein on the Ballot in Every State! Merc 6/9/16
Racism or racism and poisoning Merc 6/7/16
Hillary supporters are dumb. Merc 6/7/16
Sanders Campaign Prepares For Independent Run In The General Election Merc 6/7/16
Debunking Hillary's popular vote Merc 6/7/16
The Beautiful Diversity Of Redhead People Of Color ImStillMags Mags 6/2/16
Merc. vaxxed ImStillMags Mags 5/30/16
Nevada big mouth, Barbara Boxer Merc 5/25/16
I love you Robert Deniro!!!! Merc 5/24/16
New Members Justice 5/24/16
BERNIE SANDERS is the ONLY candidate that doesn't support H-1B visas...... Merc 5/23/16
I told you so..... Mickey Merc 5/21/16
Jill Stein; " Bernie and I need to talk" Merc 5/21/16
Hillary's number one supporter...... Merc 5/21/16
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