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why we ALL should ignore corporate owned media and support BERNIE! Merc 9/15/15
Lame street media supports the mutilation of murdered unborn children mark 9/10/15
John Hopkins Scientist Questions Flu Vaccine Merc 9/10/15
Establishment of the World Federation Toshio Suzuki 9/9/15
You have no valid canditate Ghost of Adams 9/6/15
unique lethal-force experiments conducted by cops since 2004 Merc 9/5/15
He's Right, Again... Lobo 8/30/15
I go on vacation for two weeks - xtal97 8/25/15
Extending first-time home buyer tax credit: Throwing good money after bad Rogue 8/23/15
The GOP Debate Is What Oligarchy Looks Like Herman Adler 8/23/15
Angry riot turns violent - xtal97 8/23/15
Two Years into the ACA, Only One State Still Has More than 20% Uninsured Herman Adler 8/20/15
Prom Photos KCM7Alpha1 8/19/15
Quote of the Day... CaliforniaLuis 8/18/15
Walker Urges People to Visit His Website for Policy Details....Which Aren't There Herman Adler 8/10/15
The Real Voter Fraud Is Texas’ ID Law Herman Adler 8/10/15
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